ARTICLE: 28 wit an L

28 wit an L (By DAP)

And DAP Says…
“We Only Got One Life to Live Til It’s Done, So Take Your Time And Walk That Line (Or Notes From A Brotha That’s Doin’ 28 Wit’ An L)”

“Memories don’t live like people do
They always remember you
Whether things are good or bad,
Its just the memories…”
Mos Def – “Travelin’ Man”


The MTV 2002 Video Music Awards (by Pizon)

I know some of these points have been made previously, but this is the official “Pizon’s thoughts on the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards” article, so deal with it. For those of you thinking it’s uncharacteristic of me to even turn on MTV, get to know me better. I love music – period. But that simple fact will not stop me from letting my true feelings be known about an awards show that is admittedly generally entertaining to watch.

ARTICLE: Internet radio not out…

Internet radio not out, and may not even be down any longer (By Kenny Love)

It is fast turning into a virtual game of chess… Internet radio makes a move, with the RIAA following in close proximity. However, I am watching the next series of moves on both parties’ behalves in much the same way as I park myself in front of the annual Super Bowl game. And, in my book, my money is on the leading team of Internet radio.

ARTICLE: Is the RIAA becoming more trouble than its worth?

Is the RIAA becoming more trouble than its worth? (By Kenny Love)

Consider this:

Firstly, in a joint effort, the RIAA and Copyright office all but crippled Internet radio for Indie artists. In fact, just yesterday, I saw an Internet radio station walking down the street, and guess what? It was using both a pair of crutches *and* a walker. And, as Karate expert Chuck Norris is prone to state after a shoulder strike, “That’s real pain, friend.”


Verbals by A to the L
Defined Print – Rhymes Connect (DP)
Washington DC duo Stylus Chris and Jihad certainly impress with this, their debut self-released single. ‘Rhymes Connect’ sparkles not only because of the energy each emcee brings to the track, but because the whole joint has a unique style that bridges the gap between modern Hiphop and old school throwback vibes. Constructed around a wavering choral loop, and two-keyed guitar stabs, its both simple and addictive – props have to be given to DJ Dirty Handz for his expert cutting up of Run DMC’s “King Of Rock” on the chorus too. Two other tracks are included on here – ‘My Library’ which features Stylus Chris going for dolo over jazzy basslines and buttery organ keys in a rallying call against the jiggy Hiphop that increasingly saturates the ariwaves; and the more hardcore ‘Prep-A-Nation’ where Jihad and Stylus catch wreck over a heavy kick-snare combo and some smoothly understated strings. Part of the Depth Charge / Team Demolition stable, Defined Print are definitely in this for the long run, backing up their own love for Hiphop with the successful operation of “DJ Hut”, their own record store in DC. Such hard work and dedication deserves to pay off, and this is something you should check out.
RATING: 8 / 10