ARTICLE: Internet radio not out…

Internet radio not out, and may not even be down any longer (By Kenny Love)

It is fast turning into a virtual game of chess… Internet radio makes a move, with the RIAA following in close proximity. However, I am watching the next series of moves on both parties’ behalves in much the same way as I park myself in front of the annual Super Bowl game. And, in my book, my money is on the leading team of Internet radio.

ARTICLE: Is the RIAA becoming more trouble than its worth?

Is the RIAA becoming more trouble than its worth? (By Kenny Love)

Consider this:

Firstly, in a joint effort, the RIAA and Copyright office all but crippled Internet radio for Indie artists. In fact, just yesterday, I saw an Internet radio station walking down the street, and guess what? It was using both a pair of crutches *and* a walker. And, as Karate expert Chuck Norris is prone to state after a shoulder strike, “That’s real pain, friend.”