ARTICLE: Big Things

Big things (By Truplaya611)

Baltimore is doin €™ big things. People need to stop sleepin €™ and realize. On the Hip-Hop tip, €œWhoa Now € by B. Rich (produced by Dukeyman) got a lot of bump on the mainstream airwaves, and TV. With the authentic handclap in the background, 2 step beat, and the sampling of the Jefferson €™s €œMoving on Up € theme, this cut has definitely been favorite among many people. €œShake It Shorty € by Nature €™s Problem (produced by Rod Lee) has also been a radio/club hit. It €™s real good to see heads making moves like this, and with other local artists movin €™ up in the spotlight, its cool to see, so props all the indies trying to make their money, and doing what they love (especially if they are good and reppin €™ Bmore the way it should be done).

Now onto Irv Gotti, and Murder Inc. What can I say? This past summer was all about Murder Inc. First it was Ja Rule & Charlie Baltimore with €œDown A** Chick €, then the remix with Vita and Ashanti in €œDown 4 U €, Ashanti with €œHappy €, then the remix track (which was bangin €™, still feelin €™ the use of the Gap Band €™s €œOutstanding € sample), and most recently Nas teaming up with Ja Rule, and Ashanti on €œThe Pledge € remix. Not to mention the news of Vita removing herself from the label, Murder Inc. definitely had the media buzzing. Coming in close, also was Nelly with his summer time anthem €œHot in Herre € (If I have to hear that song one more time :), and the later summer single release €œDilemma € with Kelly of Destiny €™s Child. Hands down, just looking at that right there, the summer was their’s.

Big Things did go down this summer, and it can only get bigger going into the fall season. Me personally, I focused on listening to more underground/classic/local hip-hop mix shows, as well as the latest in Bmore Club mixes. And you know I got these joints down here with me while I €™m on the €˜shore, cuz you gotta keep it gully whereever you are, ya know what I €™m sayin €™? Betta holla at ya peoples.

Until next time, Peace & 1 Luv.


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