ARTICLE: Questions and answers

Questions and answers (By Kenny Love)

Unsigned and independent musicians and recording artists interested in having some of their most pressing business and career questions answered, will be pleased to learn that Kenny Love has created a forum exactly for that. Artists can submit their questions to Love, who will respond to them in his new monthly online newsletter aptly titled, “KL’s Q&A.”

“What I hope to do with this newsletter, is to present a couple of questions each month that are affecting artists widely, generally and vitally,” Love comments. “It is also my desire that, through it, artists will recognize the need for professional consultation, which is vital to their success instead of playing what is akin to Russian Roulette with their careers. This is, primarily, in terms of timely knowledge, inside information, breaking industry news tips, the proper set-up of the administrative aspects of their businesses, and more,” adds Love.

Each monthly issue of the newsletter will present approximately two questions that will be responded to with problem-solving, in-depth answers. To become a subscriber, simply sign up at

Editor’s Note: Kenny Love has an extensive background in both the Music and Writing industries. Learn about the new services that he is providing to unsigned and independent recording artists in response to today’s shaken and fractionalized Music industry by sending an email request to

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