ARTICLES: The last word – Hiphop hypocrisy

The last word – Hiphop hypocrisy (By DJ MF)

Well well… it’s been a long time… something something something.

But whatever.

Thoughts, things, and other things…

The Last Word
I am still getting email. That’s the amusing part. You know what else is amusing? That the fucker who runs this site is employing people to agree with me while slagging me. So in closing, I ask A to the L to open an offshoot of the website, It will consolidate my supporters, and hopefully lessen the strain on the internet networks across the globe.

Hip Hop Hypocrisy
Look at the alliteration! OH MY GOD. I’m a poet on the level of such greats as Rakim and KRS-One.

Ok, so what’s the point of this? And what’s the jist of this article, which by now should have either caused you to push back on your browser, or to swear off the internet forever?

Hip hop websites.

Let me add something to that.

Commercial hip hop websites.

You know the ones. They sell shit. Records, clothing, CD’s. and jump to mind immediately.

You know what?

Each and every one of them is bullshit. Examples of what is so wrong with hip hop writing and criticism today. Examples of how selling a product doesn’t necessarily make you the right person to review it.

So who is the right person to review it?

Me? A to the L? You? Joe mama?

I wouldn’t say we’re the RIGHT people to review it, but at the very least we don’t have an agenda to sell units when we do write about albums.

Take for example the Infinity guys… these dudes stock exclusively indie material. Only rarely will you find something major label, and when that’s the case, it’s usually a reissue of a classic. So what happens? Well, they focus the bulk of their promotion on artists such as Sage Francis, Anticon, El-P, and so on. And you know what? I’ve yet to see even a halfway bad review for any of these crews that get all the publicity over there.

In the same vein, with their redesign, the HHSite guys have made it easy to see that they have a very Source-like ability to rate EVERYTHING higher than 3 stars out of 5. Anything lower tends to be older material, which leads me to believe that sometime after the 2nd bad review, one of the management types figured out that it wasn’t a good idea to slag the album of MC X when you’re trying to sell copies of it.

But MF! It’s not because of that! It’s because the albums are dope!


But the conflict of interest is pretty large don’t ya think?

And that goes for everywhere else that tries to sell records and at the same time try to review it subjectively. It’s not just in the hip hop world mind you- find a really bad review of an album over at any of the big CD distributors on the net for example.

So the moral of the story? Fuck everyone. Love



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