Verbals by A to the L
Verb T, Harry Love, Chester P – Low Life’s Starters (Low Life)
A couple of nice main courses on this “recipe”-related release from the Low Life Records chain of fast food restaurants. Side A features Verb T’s ravenous vocals over a spicy Harry Love beat on a track called ‘Showbitchness.’ Mid-tempo bass rumblings and a simple hihat carry most of the tune until the ex-Scratch Pervert tosses a few mellow jazz elements into the mix to compliment Verb T’s filthy flow. On the flip side, ‘The Wiccaman Theory’, Taskforce’s Chester P throws down a laidback Indian-flavoured backing track, which to be honest sounds perhaps a little TOO lazy, and detracts a little from his focused vocals. Nevertheless, another strong release from the Low Life crew, with the A side being the slightly stronger of the two tracks.
RATING: 7 / 10

ARTICLE: Jam Master Jay tribute

Jam Master Jay tribute

(This originally started with a post on by my man Nesta… I was impressed by his words, and asked for his permission to let me archive his words on the first 4 Run DMC albums on this site. He agreed and suggested that I finished the piece off by covering Run DMC’s final 3 albums – something I was going to do anyway. So therefore this article is a collaborative effort. Props again to Nesta for his willingness to share.)

ARTICLE: Gone til November

Gone ’til November (By DAP)

“And DAP Says.
I May Not Be Gone ‘Til November, But My Ass Can Still Write These Here Columns”

“When You Were Born, You Cried and The World Smiled.
Therefore, You Should Live Your Life In A Way That When You Die,
The World Will Cry and You Will Smile”
-Native American Proverb