Verbals by A to the L
Verb T, Harry Love, Chester P – Low Life’s Starters (Low Life)
A couple of nice main courses on this “recipe”-related release from the Low Life Records chain of fast food restaurants. Side A features Verb T’s ravenous vocals over a spicy Harry Love beat on a track called ‘Showbitchness.’ Mid-tempo bass rumblings and a simple hihat carry most of the tune until the ex-Scratch Pervert tosses a few mellow jazz elements into the mix to compliment Verb T’s filthy flow. On the flip side, ‘The Wiccaman Theory’, Taskforce’s Chester P throws down a laidback Indian-flavoured backing track, which to be honest sounds perhaps a little TOO lazy, and detracts a little from his focused vocals. Nevertheless, another strong release from the Low Life crew, with the A side being the slightly stronger of the two tracks.
RATING: 7 / 10