Verbals by A to the L
Task Force & Braintax – Rockstarz (Low Life Desserts) (Low Life Records)
The second single from the forthcoming “Food” compilation sees Low Life get um… jiggy with it. Well not really – this tune still has the grimey tinge that Low Life and Task Force have become renowned for, but there’s no doubt that in the right atmosphere this could be clubbified hotness. Raw Dog member Otis lays down some sparse electro-tinged grooves for Farma and Chester to spit their unique shit over. With Braintax adding some mic help-outs and Kylie and Will Young getting namechecked I think you can already tell that this is on some other shit! The remix meanwhile takes thing to an altogether more ominous place, replacing the electro flavour with harder drums and whirling jazz arrangements to great effect. The flip meanwhile? You NEED it! ‘You Know Who You Are’ sees Rodney P, Mystro, Farma G and Braintax linking up over Braintax’s beats and Shortee Blitz’ scratching to provide a veritable who’s who of modern UK Hiphop on the mic. The track just fucking BANGS! If for some strange reason you ain’t feeling Task Force, then this will convince you to pick this up. Go get it fool!
RATING: 9.5 / 10