ARTICLE: And the battle has begun

And the battle has begun (by Nycestylez)

**another crazy ass Miss Nycestylez concept**

What if…

military battles were replaced by b-boy battles?

Maybe you’d get something like this….

~~~~~~~~~~~~(dream sequence)~~~~~~~~~~~~

:::picture “Planet Rock” or “Scorpio” in the background:::

All right all y’all hip-hoppers and be-boppers! We got an outrageous battle lined up for all y’all here tonight. We got the United Uprockers up against the All for Allah cats, let’s see who’s gonna take it!

Right then, first up we’ve got George W. Bush, nice foot shuffle there, what what. Now Bush likes to be called B-Diddy on the dancefloor, he got some Mexican labourers to suit him up in this spankin’ new Adidas suit, check him out. Aw, he’s gettin’ into the groove with the applejacks now, nice, nice…

WAIT! Osama Bin Laden’s doin’ the scissors-cut! Aw, looks like someone else is ready to cut the cardboard. He’s uprockin’ rather nice, good 1990, manages to toss the finger over at the United Uprockers, haha, okay. “Spin” Laden’s lookin’ all right. Now he’s doin’ a headspin, that turban must come in handy…

Aw, lookout now, Tony Blair’s on the floor! Check out what Tony “Flair” is up to, nice work with the crab walk there, ousting out Spin Laden from the dance area. Look at that guy go! He’s poppin’ and lockin’ like nobody’s business, he’s a robot!

Whoa! Saddam Hussein’s cut in, shufflin’ the Flair outta the way! He’s bustin’ out in a few Russian kicks there, good good… Whoops, lost his beret somewhere while shakin’ it… all good, though. Saddam Swish’s got the moves, things may tip in favour for the All for Allah crew tonight…

But WAIT!! Who’s that… can it be?! Condeleeza Rice is on the floor, doin’ applejacks! Aw, shit, she’s muscling off Saddam from the cardboard, check her out now! She’s *still* kickin’, you go! Now… what’s this? She’s off in a headspin… no, now she’s in a 1990… now it’s a handspin… Oh man, I can’t believe this, she’s doin’ the worm!! Condeleeza Rice is doin’ the worm, folks, it can’t get much realer than this!! Ah, the crowd’s goin’ crazy, now she’s rockin’ windmills… it’s bananas in here!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(back to reality)~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Anyone care to add?


:::don’t stop:::

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