Lord Jamar Interview (by A to the L)

Lord Jamar

Punks are STILL jumpin’ up to get beatdown. A lotta muhfuckas have forgotten about Brand Nubian. A lotta muhfuckas aren’t EVEN aware of a group CALLED Brand Nubian. Slow down – you living foul. On a short mini-tour of the UK and Scandanavia, Brand Nubian were finally cornered in my man Mistajam’s flat a few hours before their flight to Norway. So Pete hooks the interview up, I call him back, and none other than Lord Jamar answers – this is how it went down…

ARTICLE: Top 10 albums of 2002

Top 10 albums of 2002 (By DJ MF)

10) The Fix – Scarface
From the gangstaisms to the consciousness, the perfect example of what Scarface really is. Leading off with one of the better singles of the year, and packed full of solid tracks, with no filler, quite deserving of it’s spot on here, if not the ‘classic’ status that some have given it.