Andy Smith Interview (by DJ Moneyshot)

Andy Smith

Andy Smith, best known for his work with Trip-hopper’s Portishead, is one of the U.K’s most in demand DJ’s. And It’s not hard to see why if you’ve witnessed him playing out. Whether he’s seamlessly mixing ‘Cross Town Traffic’ into ‘You’ve Gots To Chill’ or dropping a vintage soul 7″, this is one guy who is not afraid to delve deep into his record collection to rock the crowd. DJ Moneyshot caught up with him to discuss all this and more.


DJ Q-Bert Interview (by DJ Moneyshot)


After showcasing what can only be described as mind-boggling skills on two turntables and a mixer, DJ Moneyshot caught up with the man considered to be the most talented DJ ever. Sit back, eat a sandwich and peer into the manywinding corridors of DJ Q-Bert’s wonderful mind.

ARTICLE: The mixtape

The mixtape (by DJ Money Shot)

The mix-tape, as an art form, has come a long way. Bambaatta and Jazzy Jay’s “Death Mix” is a primitive daubing on a caveman’s wall compared to Q-Bert’s “Pre-School Breaks”, which is more akin to a wildstyle graffiti burner on a Japanese bullet train.