Verbals by A to the L
Clipse – Ma I Don’t Love Her (Star Trak)
I’m still not sure about this. A hell of a lot of people are raving over this cut, but in my opinion its one of the weaker ones of the superb “Lord Willin'” album. Of course its bouncy as hell – it has to be with the Neptunes of the boards, and Faith Evans’ hook is bright and breezy enough, but still… its a little too ‘clean’ and polished. The reason I liked ‘Grindin’, and ‘When The Last Time’ is that they were filthy, grimey, disgustingly dirty beats, and Malice and Pusha T banged off those joints perfectly. If ‘Grindin’ eats with its fingers, puts its elbows on the table, and burps and farts throughout the meal, then ‘Ma I Don’t Love Her’ uses expensive English china, says grace before dishing out the food, and sends compliments to the chef afterwards. And that’s what’s wrong here.
RATING: 5 / 10