ARTICLE: All That We Do Tour: Jungle Brothers ft Black Sheep

All That We Do Tour: Jungle Brothers ft Black Sheep (By Timid)

Last night I was once again witness to how it’s done. I took my half a lung ass and braved death by suffocation to once again stand before a shrine of dopeness and throw my hands in the air. Hip Hop veterans Jungle Brothers and Black Sheep took the stage with openers Sol. illaquists Of Sound (whom I missed”again) at the Beta Bar in Tallahassee, FL in front of a crowd of maybe fifty. FIFTY??? Yea fifty. I was disappointed at the size of the audience from the moment I walked in as was Dres of Black Sheep who took the stage with no introduction.

Black Sheep’s set got off to a slow start through no fault of their own. The crowd was just docile save myself and about six other heads in the front row. Dres and Lawnge pushed on as they cover new material as well as old classics. Working with no DJ, Lawnge had to run the beat machine and the tables then come back around to the front to spit. Dres took the lead as the host of the set and kept stabbing at the crowd until they came alive. His efforts bore fruit as the set list played culminating in the timeless classic “The Choice Is Yours” which not only woke the crowd up but got them out of bed jumping and screaming. You can tell these guys have been doing this for a long time. I first saw Black Sheep in concert probably more than ten years ago and loved it just as much then as I did last night.

Once Black Sheep lit the fire under the ass of the crowd the JB’s kept it raging. From the moment Afrika and Mike G took the stage it was nothing but pure energy. These two rocked their whole set from beginning to end and didn”t let up even replicating some of the antics you see them performing in their videos. There is no doubt that the Jungle Brothers love this shit. The JB’s worked the crowd beautifully performing song after song old and new. As I said to Afrika and Mike G, “nobody does it like this anymore”.

Both groups have new projects out right now and are on the tour trail promoting their new efforts. Black Sheep’s new album entitled 8WM will be dropping August 5th that Dres describes as a “mixtape” of new material and stuff that you already know and love. The Jungle Brothers are pushing their album that titles the tour, All That We Do that dropped last fall on their own independent label.

Legendary in the world of hip hop as they are, Black Sheep and Jungle Brothers were ever gracious and accommodating mingling with the crowd and signing autographs at the end of the show. When I asked Mike G about how the tour was going he said that it had been going well even though there have been a few spots with thin crowds like that of the present attendance. They didn”t seem discouraged though which is always good as there is still more tour left. From my praise about their high energy non-stop don”t let up performance Afrika remarked that they have to give it to the people like that after all they came out and paid to see a show. From here, after a stage stop in Orlando, FL the tour moves up north. Check the Jungle Brothers website for more details at

After a show with cats like that you kinda love hip hop a little bit more. If you are near any one of those places you should take the chance to see these legends live and support longevity in Hip Hop.

J Beez


*Photos taken and provided by DJ Nor74

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