ARTICLE: Scribble Jam 2003

Scribble Jam 2003 (By Pizon)

Everyone knows that I went to Hot 97’s Summer Jam in June. So I decided it would be a wise political move to distance myself from the “commercial” crowd and trek to the backpacker haven that is Scribble Jam in Cincinatti, Ohio. Actually, I’m just a Hiphop fanatic in general, and had been planning this trip for a full year. It isn’t about mainstream and underground with me. It’s about Hiphop. Period. And this event was hyped as being as Hiphop as Hiphop could be, so I was there.

INTERVIEW: Prince Markie Dee

Prince Markie Dee Interview (by Timid)

Prince Markie Dee

A pioneer from back in the day, Prince Markie Dee had major success during his time as one third of the Fat Boys, and later with his solo smash, ‘Typical Reasons (Swing My Way)’. Recently, Timid had a chance to catch up with Markie Dee and find out his thoughts on his past, present, and future…