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Youngbloodz Interview (by Timid)


Unless you’ve been spending more time than you should alone with a pharmaceutical lubricant recently, you have no doubt heard of the Dirty South’s hottest duo out of the ATL at the moment shawty, the Youngbloodz. On the grind promoting their new album “Drankin’ Patnaz” and high off the success of their first single ‘Damn’ going to number one on the charts, Sean Paul of the Youngbloodz takes time to chat with me for the benefit of altrap piss lickers world wide. Now, who loves you?

You gotta be on that grind with the new album and whatnot.

Sean Paul: Yeah folk definitely grindin’, know what I mean?

Everything going good with it?

Sean Paul: Yeah everything going good man, you know what I mean, a nigga out here working hard man.

I hear that : that’s cool, that’s cool. Congratulations on the single going number one.

Sean Paul: I appreciate that bro.

Yeah the joint is definitely hot. Congratulations on getting signed to So So Def. How’s that going so far?

Sean Paul: Shit is going lovely man, niggas had to get somebody behind them that understood their music, know what I mean?

I hear you on that… and So So Def definitely knows that type of music and can vibe with y’all properly.

Sean Paul: Hey definitely man, you know.

So “Drankin’ Patnaz” is out. How’s it going, everything going good?

Sean Paul: Everything’s going lovely man. Out here working man… the damn phone got me working man, you hear me?

I hear that.

Sean Paul: It got me working man, but you know I can’t complain man been blessed right now, ya hear me?

Right, believe that. Tell me a little bit about the album.

Sean Paul: “Drankin’ Patnaz” you know, it’s the whole thing me and J-Bo always drankin’ patnaz. We got our drankin’ patnaz on there you know, some of the homeboys from around the way. Some of the people that y’all do know some that they don’t, all from the A-Town, representing you know what I mean. So it’s just some of the homeboys and me and J-Bo, how we feel, just riding out ya hear me?

Yeah. Anything on the album people should especially check for, something like your favorite joints that people should definitely get at?

Sean Paul: We got out next single coming out called ‘Lean Low’… it’s jamming, featuring my homeboy Backbone from the Dungeon Family. And we got Killa Mike on that ‘Hustle’ cut on the album, know what I mean… Jazze Pha on the album…you know, some of our homeboys… all the drankin’ patnaz man.

Aight, that’s cool, that’s cool. This is you guys’ second album out here. Sophomore albums are usually a little bit harder to get together due to expectations from the first album about how well it did.

Sean Paul: Yeah.

Any of that bother y’all when you were going into the studio to start on the new one?

Sean Paul: Nah, we just rolled man ya know what I mean. Like we’re just really tight niggaz man, you know what I mean. We just go in there and we’ll have a good time man. At the end of the day we bring it to the label and hope they like it, ya feel me? We just do us and we don’t have to do too much man.

Yeah that’s the best way to do it. You just gotta do you. How much different was making the second album this time around than it was when you went in to do the first one “Against The Grain”?

Sean Paul: Things were really different man, because you know when we first came in after the label change and everything there still wasn’t nobody assigned to us for our A&R and everything. So we we’re just doing our own thing but we ain’t really have nobody to go to and see if they were fuckin’ with it, ya know what I mean?

Oh word?

Sean Paul: So we was just doing a whole lot of shit. Then, you know what I mean, So So Def came up, well Jermaine came up and everything, ya know what I mean, and god damn handled some things for us, ya know what I mean, straightened some shit out.

Oh ok. How is “Drankin’ Patnaz” different from “Against The Grain”? Is there anything new y’all tried on this album?

Sean Paul: Man, we tried a whole bunch of foolish shit, ya know what I mean, we got a song ‘Tequila’ on this album where it’s just some of the homeboys carrying on like a night at the bar or something… drinking on that tequila like some drunk ass old man, all singing at the bar fucked up, know what I mean, just acting a fool having a good time. We’ve got some songs like ‘Shakem’ Off’ and that damn ‘U-Way’. It’s just an upgrade of “Against The Grain” I feel. Still got them ride out songs, the have a good time songs like ‘U-Way’, and ’85’… we’ve got a couple songs like that you know what I mean… ‘My Automobile’, ‘No Average Playa’ on that same tempo type thing know what I mean? Same kind of feel you know? We still got them crunk songs too – ‘Damn’, ‘Hustle’, ‘Whatchu Lookin’ At’. You know so it’s just an upgrade really of the album man… what’s really happening. A-Town always gonna be crunk, ya know what I mean?

Right, I feel that, definitely. It’s probably real hectic now especially you know you’ve got the second album out, y’all were successful on the first one, now you’ve got more business stuff going into it, are you getting more used to that aspect of the business?

Sean Paul: Yeah man, you know cause a nigga’s been down for a minute since the first album so a nigga learnt a lot in between time. You still learn different things everyday you know what I mean, you gotta get some right people on your team man that will really let you know what’s happening, you feel me?


Definitely, definitely. So apparently with the single going number one the response is good, people on the street feeling it and coming up and giving you props and whatnot?

Sean Paul: For sho’, fo sho’. You already know man, I’m up in New York these days walking around folk holla’n at me you know what I mean?

Yeah I was just up in New York like last week, it’s like dirty south right now is doing their thing because Hot 97 was playing the joints.

Sean Paul: Yeah man we just did the Apollo today.

Word. That’s right your manager was telling me, how’d that go?

Sean Paul: Off the chain man.

Harlem show y’all love when you were up in there?

Sean Paul: Aww man believe that.

That’s definitely hot. How’d the promo tour with Bonecrusher go?

Sean Paul: It was good man… two strong people from the A-Town, two strong groups, two strong records too, you feel what I’m saying? It was really off the chain.

What y’all got coming up in the future?

Sean Paul: Plenty more Youngbloodz shit, we ain’t gonna stop ’till we god damn get old; until a nigga liver fall off or something.

So y’all not going to pull a Jay-Z and retire?

Sean Paul: Hell naw, for what man. I don’t know, you never can say no man you know. Maybe you just get tired of counting money after awhile. I don’t, I’m trying to get what I can.

Hey man you gotta get it while it’s there.

Sean Paul: You already know it man, I’m gonna be out there.

It’s crazy because ya’ll getting mad love right now. How y’all dealing with that type of exposure?

Sean Paul: Aww man… a nigga love that shit man, like really man. A nigga love that shit man… like I can really make these folks feel good like that you know what I’m sayin’?

Kinda makes the days before when you were on the hard grind on your own a little bit more worth it huh?

Sean Paul: Hell yeah, it’s still a hard grind out here because these muthafuckas boy, you just gotta god damn do what you gotta do, you feel me?

I definitely understand that. So everything is lovely then with you and J-Bo huh?

Sean Paul: Yea everything’s been good.

Anything else you want people to know that’s coming up with you, or anything you just want people to be aware of before we wrap up here?

Sean Paul: Just look for more Youngbloodz man, J-Bo on production man… Sean Paul, I’m gonna drop me a little solo album out there man you know what I mean, let everybody know what’s happenin’… and just a whole bunch of stuff man. Added crew you know what I mean, Mark Twayne… them Ben Hill boys are going down man.

Oh ok. So you got a solo album coming out.

Sean Paul: Yeah man, I’m working on that man.

Aight, expanding, just hittin’ them with all kinds of stuff.

Sean Paul: Just hitting man know what I mean, don’t’ get it twisted. I don’t want nobody to get it twisted out there me and J-Bo ain’t breaking up or no crazy stuff. You know he just loves that production side too, you know what I mean so we’re going to work one together know what I mean, he’s going to do the production and I’m going to flip the rhymes.

A big thanks to Greg Trani at Room Services Inc for coordinating the interview.

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