ARTICLE: Destiny’s Child VIP Lounge

Destiny’s Child VIP Lounge (By Pizon)

So I was listening to Hot 97 on my way to Brooklyn one day and learned that Destiny’s Child would be having a VIP Lounge party to celebrate the release of their new album, Destiny Fulfilled. I’m really not the biggest Destiny’s Child fan, but when I heard my homegirl Angie Martinez would be hosting the event, I decided to give her a call and see what was up with letting me on the guest list. Immediately after asking her, she put me on the air and told me to sing her a Destiny’s Child song on the spot.

C’mon Angie, don’t do this to me.

Don’t slack, Pi! All of New York is listening.

Say my name. Say my name.

OK. That wasn’t so bad. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop there. She then asked if I’d be a good boy, and made me promise, with the New York listening public as my witness, that I would not try to holler at Beyonce. What? Nevermind then. Ah, screw it. I took the vow. There’s always Kelly and Michelle, right?

The party took place at a top secret location that I cannot disclose, so we’ll just call the Hit Factory for convenience’s sake. It was an intimate setting. I’d say there were fewer than a hundred people there. I got to sit up front at a table that said “reserved” on it. Nice. Men in fancy suits served appetizers out of metal trays. A jolly photographer walked around taking pictures of everyone. I dropped my wallet and the dude at the next table picked it up and handed it back to me. This was not the type of environment I was used to. But I liked it.

Eventually, Angie came out and thanked everyone for coming. She then reminded us that this event would be taped to air on the radio next week, so we should all do our best acting jobs and pretend that the Destiny’s Child album dropped today. After mingling, taking pictures, and fielding questions from people (no, she isn’t working on any new music), Angie returned to the podium and told everyone to stand up and approach the stage. The music hit, and Destiny’s Child came out to perform “Lose My Breath.” They then went into their new single “Soldier.” Towards the end of the song, a speaker popped, so they asked if they could perform that song over for the radio taping. The second attempt went over smoothly. The group was then escorted to the back, while we were told to return to our seats in anticipation of the interview. Angie reminded us that this was being taped for the radio, and that we should all pretend that the interview came first, and the performance was still to come. Sure, why not.

The girls came back out for the interview. Beyonce didn’t do much talking at all, which was a shame because listening to her speak is something like listening to President Bush speak: you’re just waiting to hear something stupid. All Kelly seemed to want to talk about was her recent engagement and how in love she is. That left Michelle to answer all the questions. Well, most of them. Angie observed a picture of the girls inside the CD booklet that appeared as if they were all together in the nude, and asked for confirmation that for in order for said photo to be taken, they had to be hugged up naked at one point. They blushed and refused to answer. We’ll take that as a yes. In between questions, they played songs off the new album.

The album sounded nice. Again, I’m not a big fan of Destiny’s Child (or R&B in general, for that matter), so maybe my opinion doesn’t mean much. I can say for certain that most of the songs were slow and mellow. By their own admission, the content on the new record is more mature than it had been previously. After all, they are grown women now. I was also glad to learn that my man 9th Wonder produced a few tracks on it. A funny moment came when Kelly was introducing one of the songs and said a dude called Big Drawers wrote it. My boy instinctively repeated, “Big Drawers?” to which Kelly responded, “You heard me, boo.” Classic. I was given a copy of the album to take home and listen to on my own time, but I haven’t done so yet.

After Angie’s interview, the group fielded questions from the floor. The questions were screened to make sure no one asked anything about Jay-Z. Nothing particularly interesting there.

Finally, the girls hit the floor to mingle with everyone in the house. Beyonce’s behavior surprised me. She actually came across as a cool and down to earth chick. I even got the impression that perhaps she’s not slow like one might expect; just somewhat shy. The fact that everyone likely tries to approach her all the time means she probably doesn’t have to initiate too many conversations on her own. My theory was confirmed when she made eye contact with me and just froze like a deer in headlights, waiting for me to say something. By this point, she probably expects every guy she meets to throw a line at her and is caught off guard when one doesn’t. At least that’s the vibe I got. I could be wrong. But either way, I had to show her I wasn’t like everyone else. And besides, I had a promise to keep. So I played it cool. I’m sure if Raj from The Apprentice is reading this right now, he’s disappointed in me. I know, I broke the code. Oh well. Truthfully, all three of them seemed like cool chicks, so I wasn’t even thinking along those lines anyway.

At this point, I should note that the jolly photographer snapped a picture of me and the girls that’s supposed to be posted on soon. It likely won’t go up until after the taping airs next Monday (11/15), though. After all, the party hasn’t even officially happened yet. But it was definitely a fun night… Well, actually, I have every reason to predict that it will be a fun night. I’ll even go as far as saying that it will be worth the embarassment that Angie put me through to get invited.

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