Oddisee Interview (by Timid)


I got hooked up with emcee/producer Oddisee from Halftooth Records and their compilation release “You Don’t Know The Half” during his bus commute from Chinatown to Chinatown.

Hey what’s up man?

Oddisee: What’s going on dawg?

Chillin’ chillin’. How’s the bus ride?


Verbals by A to the L
Cassius Henry ft. Freeway – The One (Universal)
One of the new breed of UK R’n’B artists, Henry’s 2001 breakthrough hit ‘Broke’ was rightly pumped across many’s a dancefloor and mixtape. Now with work on his debut album almost completed, his second single ‘The One’ finally drops, following some sterling promo work already from the likes of Timothy Westwood. With the UK rivalling (and some would say overtaking) the US for quality of output from its Hiphop and R’n’B artists, its not surprising to find another collaboration between the US and UK, as American artists try to break into a ‘new’ market over some quality production. Here we have the Roc’s Freeway (and on the flip Kanye West on the remix) linking up with Henry nicely over a horn-heavy track. For some reason, Cassius reminds me a cross between RL (lead single of Next) and Sisqo – don’t take this is as a diss though, although it is quite generic in makeup, this is still a nice little club banger which should light the path nicely to his album.
RATING: 6.5 / 10


Twista Interview (by Shane D)


Tell me about your current single, “Slow Jamz.”

Current single. The current single “Slow Jamz” is off the hook. It’s a blessing, a definite blessing that I got the hook up with Chi-Town homie Kayne West to get together on it and, man, we bust the house. Jamie Foxx get down on it and it really opened a lot of doors for me and it’s like my biggest single I have had in like fifteen years and man, I love the song. It’s my cut.


Avant Interview (by Timid)


How’s the new single “Read Your Mind”, how’s the response, how’s that going?

Avant: It’s doing very well man. It’s doing extremely well. It’s like in the Top 10 with a bullet. It’s a blessing man just being in this music game and people respect your music the way they do.

ARTICLE: Youngbloodz on the Moon

Youngbloodz on the Moon (By Timid)

Tallahassee, Florida’s The Moon was host to the Youngbloodz, Sean Paul and J-Bo. Y’all know thems my folk shawty so I had to check it out. From the moment we stepped into the club we thought it was looking kinda thin up in there but by time Youngbloodz took the stage there was a sea of heads all ready to throw it up.