ARTICLE: Things that irritated me yesterday

Things that irritated me yesterday… (By DJ MF)

So I had to go to Toronto for a job interview, and since the weather was incredibly bad yesterday, I decided to hop on the train from Burlington to Toronto, instead of sludging through the crappy driving conditions and the subsequent traffic at 5 pm. So anyways, on the way back, it’s rush hour, and the train is packed. And at every stop, people are getting off….and you see them running like idiots to their cars, even though it’s not that cold, and they’ll probably only save 3 minutes by being the first ones out of the parking lot. Why did that irritate me? I’m not sure, but it did. Pissed me off mightily actually. Plus they all looked like idiots running.

So anyways, to continue, another thing that irritated me was the drivers of downtown Toronto. Apparently, me being destroyed by -40 winds doesn’t concern them, and they feel the need to run red lights, and to try and turn while I’m walking across the street. It’s days like yesterday that makes me hate Toronto.

On to the job interview. For some reason, I was interviewed for half an hour by a woman. And then another half an hour by a man. Basically the exact same questions. That’s pretty irritating. Why not just do it with both of them in there.

DJ Clue irritates me. He probably irritates you. Does he not have the most punchable face in the world? Be honest.

The new Jay-Z single irritates me. Why not do the Watcher 2 as the second single? Or even that Sean Paul track? Pharrell sucks so massively it’s incredible.

On the other hand, the new Snoop single doesn’t irritate me.

Portable phones irritate me. If they don’t work unless you have a direct path to the head unit, that’s not very portable is it? Sony, I’m talking to you.

Inkjet printers irritate me. Probably the greatest joke played by electronics companies on consumers in the last 20 years. ‘Hey, we can give you a printer for under a hundred bucks that will give you near laser printer quality!’ GREAT DEAL! Oh wait, but the ink tanks will run out in 2 weeks, and a new one will cost you 50 bucks.

Boot Camp in Toronto for TWO dates in March doesn’t irritate me.

Lebron James REALLY irritates me.

My life is one big ball of hate. I know.


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