ARTICLE: Youngbloodz on the Moon

Youngbloodz on the Moon (By Timid)

Tallahassee, Florida’s The Moon was host to the Youngbloodz, Sean Paul and J-Bo. Y’all know thems my folk shawty so I had to check it out. From the moment we stepped into the club we thought it was looking kinda thin up in there but by time Youngbloodz took the stage there was a sea of heads all ready to throw it up.

Youngbloodz show pic 1

As with any show there’s always the opening acts. This night there were three. I can’t remember any names so let’s break out the Counting with De La Soul text and designate the openers as Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3.

Act 1 came on stage with a Wu Tang size crew that included 2 female “dancers.” I know they were the dancers because when I was at the VIP entry (you know how I do) so where they and the made a point to tell the guy at the door that they were his dancers; I got perception like that. Of the village of people they had on stage only 2 actually needed to be there. I swear the guys that made up the back row of their entourage did absolutely nothing but stand there. No head bobbin’, no dancin’ to the music to make the scene more hype, no interacting with the girls dancing, not a damn thing. They just stood their stone face like they were waiting for the bus. DO SOMETHING!!! Act 1 came out with that Dirty South bounce that usually moves the crowd but didn’t. Where’s J-Bo at?

Act 2 was on some New York ish with a Hip Hop and R&B blend which didn’t sound bad to me. Lyrically dude needs to step up his game but overall it was better than the first act. Unfortunately, this was a show headlined by the Youngbloods and so needless to say the crowd that’s going to come out is more Dirty South inclined than New York. At one point during the lead emcee’s accapella set to showcase his “lyrical skills” I think I remember a wave of boo’s. Damn it’s hard being the unknown opening act.

Act 3’s name I remember as Therapy but keeping in step were gonna roll with the De La designation. This was the local act that heads are sort of familiar with. There’s always one. Also by this time the crowd is starting to look like a some of the girls up in the spot…Thick. This guys were ok. They had some joints that moved the crowd a bit. There was something about their performance that I wasn’t feeling but it’s been about two weeks and I can’t quite remember. Sorry guys the crit will have to be put on hold. They did serve their purpose of warming the crowed though as cats seemed to know a few cuts and there were some hands up and some heads moving.

Youngbloodz show pic 2

DAMN! It’s about time. Youngbloodz take the stage and great googly moogly where the hell did all these people in the crowd all of a sudden appear from?? This is what the crowd was waiting for and they showed it. Youngbloods worked through several of their hits and built the energy up to prepare for the explosive finale of the nationwide number one hit single “Damn”. Jesus H. the crowd went absolutely bananas when “Damn” dropped and that bass kicked in. This is where Dirty South shines in my opinion, on stage. It was crunk ‘dan a bitch up there. Now two things about their performance. One, there seemed to be more down time in between songs than actual songs which kind up brought the energy up then stopped it for a few minutes before setting it off again. Two, after the built up and the dope ending with the joint everyone was waiting for they…ended again? Huh? Did I miss something? Right after “Damn” they stopped then did “Damn” again. That was a bit odd and makes me wonder if someone screwed up in the back and dropped something they weren’t supposed to and they just went with it so it didn’t look like a mistake. Whatever the case, it got people up again for about the first half of the joint and then it seemed like there was a collective, “Hey didn’t we just do this?” vibe in the room. That aside, Sean Paul and J-Bo heated up the spot and gave an energetic performance that rocked the crowd. So uh don’t start none won’t be none!

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