Kenn Starr Interview (by Timid)

Kenn Starr

I got up with Halftooth records artist Kenn Starr from the You Don’t Know the Half compilation as he was bussing it like it was the 60’s and he was going to a white school.

What’s up with y’all

Kenn Starr: Chillin’ man we’re on our way back down to Maryland now.

Yea, ya’ll are doing this during the ride on the train.

Kenn Starr: Yea we end up taking the bus.

Aww dang not the bus, man.

Kenn Starr: Yea well you know you gotta do what you gotta do. [laughs] We ain’t ballin’ quite yet.

I feel you, I feel you. I just got through and reviewed the Halftooth record, the You Don’t Know the Half joint. Props on that.

Kenn Starr: Thanks man, I appreciate that.

Yea the stuff was definitely dope. How’s it being received so far.

Kenn Starr: It’s been getting a lot of good reviews man, I haven’t really read a…I mean there’s always criticism but most of the reviews I’ve read have been pretty positive.

Right, right. I’ll tell you like actually the first…I don’t even remember the joint that I heard you on the first time…you were on there with a couple of cats and at first I wasn’t sure about your style because it’s like you seemed a little out of place in regard to the other cats because your style is a little different you’ve got more of a…you sound like you are out of New York but you’ve got almost a typically mainstream type of delivery, you know what I’m sayin’?

Kenn Starr: Right, right, right. Was the joint on the Halftooth compilation or was it something else?

I don’t know what it was on. It was before the You Don’t Know the Half joint.

Kenn Starr: Oh word?

Yea I heard you on something else but after listening to you, you know you listen and then you’re like ok, you get where you’re coming from and it comes out dope.

Kenn Starr: Right, I mean definitely over the past couple of years I’ve been growing as an artist and finding myself musically, you know what I’m saying like we all go through different phases trying to find what fits us best.


Kenn Starr: I’ll chalk it up to that you know because if you listen to my music this time last year it will probably be a lot different so…you know what I mean?

Everybody grows with their style and whatnot.

Kenn Starr: Right. Right, right.

The joint on the You Don’t Know the Half “Walk the Walk”. I was definitely feeling that joint. I like the way you brought it.

Kenn Starr: Thanks man I appreciate that. That song really meant a lot to me because I think it’s something everybody can relate to because everybody knows individuals like that. I just wanted to show another side, man, like you don’t know have to portray that image to be successful or for people to like you, you know what I’m sayin’? Like, just be yourself. And also I put the disclaimer in there like, if that really is your lifestyle I’m not knocking that because I understand people gotta do what they gotta do.

Yea. The main thing I liked about it though is the way you brought it. You brought it from like a humble stance. Some cats have kinda touched on it but they always come out like “don’t act hard, basically I’m hard, you ain’t hard” but you came from a humble stance like “you don’t have to be like that”.

Kenn Starr: Right. Because I felt like, nobody wants to be preached to. You know what I’m sayin’, and I know I’m not any better than anybody else and I respect everyone’s position so…definitely because that’s how I am, that’s honestly how I felt like what I said in the song.

Yeah definitely, it came of definitely dope. You got solo projects coming up?

Kenn Starr: Yea yea, my solo album is scheduled to come out at the end of the year. We got Wordsworths solo album on deck for June and Oddisee to follow in the fall so I’m bringing up the rear.

Ok. Seems like Halftooth is getting out there big style.

Kenn Starr: Yea man we’re trying to man. I’m just happy that we’re getting the response that we’ve been getting thus far.

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