Twista Interview (by Shane D)


Tell me about your current single, “Slow Jamz.”

Current single. The current single “Slow Jamz” is off the hook. It’s a blessing, a definite blessing that I got the hook up with Chi-Town homie Kayne West to get together on it and, man, we bust the house. Jamie Foxx get down on it and it really opened a lot of doors for me and it’s like my biggest single I have had in like fifteen years and man, I love the song. It’s my cut.

What distinguishes your current work from your previous work?

Um, really just a different time, I mean, you know it’s really like I still bring it the same way lyrically. You know, a true emcee is a true emcee. You know what I mean? No matter how long a time span is when he drops an album. Whatever, so, I still just try to bring it like I bring it, you know like Adrenaline Rush and Kamikaze.

What do you think it is about producer Kayne West that makes him unique?

Because, I mean, definitely just the fact that he hasn’t been heard before in the industry makes him unique himself, but at the same time just being from Chicago, coming up from a certain life where he listens to a certain type of music, the way he samples it, chops it up and gives it that soulful feeling. He’s real creative with the way he, like, he might say, “Let me decide, let me get this person to play this live. Okay let me flip this like this.” He’s just a real creative brother from the Chi with a lot of soul in his music and it’s a blessing we got him here in a part of hip hop right now.

How will you fit into the mix in 2004?

Holding it down! Hold the shit down! Like Jadakiss said, “Fuck whatever happen before. We what is happening now.” Chi-Town. Midwest. ’04 Holding it down is what we stand for in ’04.

What are the goals you have set for yourself in 2004?

To hold it down once again in ’04 (laughs). We still goin’ to hold it down. You know what? As far as goals, really, a lot of things that a lot of rappers need to pay attention to is that, when it comes to this business, you got to invest in yourself heavily. As far as the business but at the same time, you also want to invest in certain endeavors, entities outside of the music business like real estate or if you cut hair you might want to open up a barber shop or something. Or if your papa sell windows, you might want to open a hardware store. Whatever it be, you definitely want to have some business to make money outside of this business, as well as inside.

What’s the next single you’ll drop?

“Overnight Celebrity.” That’s my cut.

Anything you’d like our readers to know?

Man. Be looking out for the Speedknot Mobstaz album coming up. We halfway finish with it. It’s going to be off the hook. Everybody got they crew. You know how I been doing since day one; soon as we came with Adrenaline Rush. I came with the Speedknot Mobstaz album. Be looking for that Speedknot album, Joe!

Photo’s and interview by Shane D. of BOLO IV ENTERTAINMENT

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