INTERVIEW: Iron Bridge

Iron Bridge Interview (by Chris Byrne)

Iron Bridge

Essex men from Shoeburyness near Southend-On-Sea, England, Jibbarish and Dirty Verbals are on the ‘New Deal’ and are making moves with their own label. Their new album “Toilet Humour” features beats from the likes of Pager, Illson, Jai-Mez, I-Ty and R-Text. They are also part of crews such as Ill Psychosis and Human Vermin.With many compilation appearances and release including a DVD in the pipeline – these guys are going to be hard to ignore. I asked Dirty Verbals about his seaside views:

INTERVIEW: Dark Circle

Dark Circle Interview (by Chris Byrne)

Dark Circle

Dark Circle were formed in 1994 by Anik and Hoycke while at school together in Hamburg, Germany.The group are based in Hamburg and London and consist of Anik and Hoycke (vocals), Pats and Son (production) and DJ Hysteria. Anik has collaborated with Defisis, Looptroop, and Natty and Dwella. Mystro and Skinnyman also both feature on their recent LP. UK Hip Hop seems to be linking with Germany (Joni Rewind etc) and vice-versa but nowhere else in Europe. I caught up with Dark Circle in the interest of Anglo-German relations.