ARTICLE: To vote, or not to vote?

To vote, or not to vote? (By Matin Salaam Bari)

Before you people bite my head off after reading the following, remember that I represent only a tiny fraction of the population. Furthermore, I would never hope that my personal views influence the people who are blessed with receiving them. In other words, just take it as “food for thought”!

INTERVIEW: Wildchild

Wildchild Interview (by William Hernandez)


Since the release of his group Lootpack’s album, “The Antidote” in 1999, Wildchild has worked hard to build on the positive buzz it created, culminating on the release of his solo album “Secondary Protocol” last year. I had the short opportunity to talk to him at this year’s Winter Music Conference during the in-store DJ show by DJ’s Peanut Butter Wolf, Madlib, Questlove, and Statik where he quickly broke down his plans for 2004 and the long anticipated Lootpack follow up album.

ARTICLE: Reality bites

Reality bites (By DAP)

“And DAP Says.
I Got Nothin’ Funny To Say, So Close Your Mouth & Read The Goddamn Column”

“I Criticize by Creation.” – Cicero

“We Are Not Retreating… We Are advancing in Another Direction.” – Gen. Douglas MacArthur

“If You Are Going Through Hell, Keep Going!!!” – Sir Winston Churchill