INTERVIEW: Infinite Livez

Infinite Livez Interview (by Chris Byrne)

Infinite Livez

Infinite Livez is also known as Mr Steven Henry to the British government and his mum. He is the ‘brightest hope’ of the UK’s largest hip hop label Big Dada for the 04. Straight outta Shoreditch, East London, this guy is truly a unique lyricist. He also fronted a punk / noise band for a while. He is definitely breaking the mold (sic) of UK hip hop. I interviewed him with his wildman sidekick Barry Convex…

Mr Livez, What were your school reports like?

Livez: I was always getting that “could try harder” shit, I guess I had a bit of a short attention span. My favourite lesson was art. I remember when I was 12 and I drew this portrait of Krishna as part of my school project, everyone was propa jocking me ‘cos the teacher put it up on the wall. Even at 12 I was holding it down with the pastels and crayons… ya dun know!!

Infinite Livez & Barry Convex

Why is humour in music so rare?

Livez: ‘Cos everyone’s so serious about life I suppose…I dunno. I don’t think hiphop needs to be funny as a rule, but listening to some heads from these sides can be a bit mind-numbing.

How did you get a deal with Big Dada Records (home of TY etc)?

Livez: Gamma put me on really, they helped show the ropes and get me in there with Will Ashon. At the beginning I really don’t think Will was feeling me but then I drew him a really cool picture of Krishna God head number one, and he was like, “Yo Inf’ the shading on that shit is off da hook, let me give you a three album deal.” Yeah baby!

Is the internet changing hiphop as we know it? What is your opinion on ‘netcees’ etc?

Livez: I think the net is an important tool for communication, a lot of heads developing ideas outside of the mainstream have gained a great deal from it. But you gotta remember that hiphop was around years before broadband, Kazaa and that mpeg of that guy who looses his head up an elephants arse!!

Mr Convex, What is your opinion on karaoke culture?

Barry: It’s kinda cool. I really dig a lot of the classic numbers like your Gaynors or Sinatras. But I don’t go for that ‘get legless before you perform’ stuff. It’s sooooooo trashy. bbbbbbrrrrkkkk!!

Barry And Livez

Do you get many groupies?

Barry: Rrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaggghhhhhh!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh!! Inf’ will sometimes let me help him put a condom on but after that I usually hit the sack with cup of cocoa and a Stephen King novel. It can be hard trying to read through constant screaming and pony noises, but I manage.

What is your opinion on the current state of the hip hop culture worldwide?

Barry: Skkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeee…….!! Ssskrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee!! Ssskrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Sssskrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee!! Skkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeee…!! Ssskrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee!! Ssskrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Sssskrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee!! I prefer the old stuff like Ultramagnetic MC’s, I managed to download most of Critical Beatdown on to my I-pod but I left it on the train on way to the gym. Like duh!!

Are you a performance artist?

Barry: I am the path trodden by the holy ones. Skkkkkkkrrrrrreeeeee!!! I am what makes you turn and look at your pooh pooh. Raaaaaaaaaggghhhhhh!!I am big black fingers reaching from out of space. Poised to squeeze the zit of humanity. And scrape the excess off the mirror of ‘of’s’ ‘ofness’. Agaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!!! I am what exists between 1 and minus 1. And what makes you feel giddy after you fill your hand with the contents of your seeds. Ahahahahahahahahahahaha!! I am busy on Tuesday evening. Call me back Wednesday and I’ll see what I can do. Shooooooooooozzzzzzzeee!! I am a dead rat with a belly drenched in maggots. That finds a moments relief in the shade of the vultures’ stoop. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk!! I am out. Peace to Inf’ Livez, Flagrant Entertainment, Blufoot and Shadowless.

Infinite Livez’s new album “Bush Meat” (Big Dada) is now available in “all good” (sic) record shops.

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