INTERVIEW: Iron Bridge

Iron Bridge Interview (by Chris Byrne)

Iron Bridge

Essex men from Shoeburyness near Southend-On-Sea, England, Jibbarish and Dirty Verbals are on the ‘New Deal’ and are making moves with their own label. Their new album “Toilet Humour” features beats from the likes of Pager, Illson, Jai-Mez, I-Ty and R-Text. They are also part of crews such as Ill Psychosis and Human Vermin.With many compilation appearances and release including a DVD in the pipeline – these guys are going to be hard to ignore. I asked Dirty Verbals about his seaside views:

What inspires your lyrics?

IB: Well, I’ll have to go for the obvious one and say life, to some extent anyway. I mean it’s hard not to be inspired by it or even uninspired as the case usually is in this country. We’ve got a government that puts its citizens at the bottom of their ‘to do’ list, while they’re out trying to save the world by blowing it up. Then you’ve got all these stupid kids thinking they’re gangsters, walking with a limp and talking like they’ve got a fucking speech impediment. It always makes me wonder where we’re gonna be in 10 years time when these little wankers are in control of the nation. Then you’ve got all these celebrity paedophiles emerging on a daily basis – I mean Jesus Christ! Who the fuck’s it gonna be next? And I’d say it’s because of all this shit that we like to do a lot of creative writing too, I suppose it’s a sub-conscious method of escapism.

Is there any truth in Essex stereotypes?

IB: Yeah mate. A lot of geezers ask me this question and me bird Tracy says I should fucking run ’em over in me fucking RS Cozzy or summin. But seriously, we do talk common down here, there are a lot of little rude boys, and there are a lot of boy racers, and the girls are easy. Shit, I can’t think of a positive way to finish this answer.

Can UK Hip Hop artists thrive outside of London?

IB: Would you say that UKHH artists ‘thrive’ in London? I don’t see anyone thriving off of hip-hop in this country, whether a Londoner or just one of us less important non-Londoners. And that’s the sad truth.

How did you get together?

IB: Jibba and I have been mates since the days when we were little shits hanging aroundon street corners, about ’95 I think. We were both into rhyming, and we used to record tracks on a tape player in my living room ‘cos that was the local youth club. Ron Compost and the rest of the Human Vermin Crew used to join in too. We took our name from the Iron Bridge at Shoeburyness train station where we used to hang around. From “Ill Psychosis” in ’99 to the “U Can’t Do It” EP in ’02 to “Toilet Humour” 03.

What has been the reaction to the album so far?

IB: All our press has been positive, except for one mouthy little prick – but he gets dealt with on Mentat’s (sic) “Force FM” compilation. We’ve also had good feedback from other members of the scene, which is the most important thing – to gain respect from other emcees and producers. It’s always the ones that don’t do jack that are the most critical.funny that!

Do you like to be beside the seaside?

IB: Not especially. It fucking stinks, you get bitter wind and rain in winter and thousands of nobbers turning up with their buckets & spades in summer. And don’t forget, this ain’t the real sea; it’s the Thames Estuary where Ian Dury caught Polio from swimming.

Anything you would like to add?

IB: Buy “Toilet Humour” because it’s a good album and we worked hard to make it available for you. Also check the ‘Dance for Ya Daddy’ 12″, and DJ Pagers ‘The Product’ 12″ we’re on that too. Tune in to Channel U for our videos and go to for more info. For bookings email Oh, and remember Hip-Hop is for life – not just for Christmas.

Toilet Humour

Thanks to Chris Byrne for offering the interview to the site.

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