INTERVIEW: Wildchild

Wildchild Interview (by William Hernandez)


Since the release of his group Lootpack’s album, “The Antidote” in 1999, Wildchild has worked hard to build on the positive buzz it created, culminating on the release of his solo album “Secondary Protocol” last year. I had the short opportunity to talk to him at this year’s Winter Music Conference during the in-store DJ show by DJ’s Peanut Butter Wolf, Madlib, Questlove, and Statik where he quickly broke down his plans for 2004 and the long anticipated Lootpack follow up album.

Tell me how the group Lootpack came together?

Wildchild: Basically we were friends at school. Madlib and I hooked up after class to breakdance and stuff like that… DJ Romes and him would be shopping for records. We didn’t get serious until 1991, when we started doing demos and kept recording, putting material together as Lootpack.

I read a while back that you guys put out an EP independently in 1996, and that was how Peanut Butter Wolf got interested in you…

Wildchild: Madlib’s dad helped put out our second demo. It was called “Psyche Move” and was a five song EP. We basically put that out to try to make some noise on the underground tip, and that’s how the affiliation led to the Likwit crew.

How did you guys get with Peanut Butter Wolf?

Wildchild: They heard about it through the distribution company TRC out in the Bay area, and also the fact the college radio stations were playing it a lot. So he called up… it was phone tag for a minute… but eventually we hooked up and had a meeting and that’s how we met Wolf and made it official.

Why did you decide to come out as a solo artist, after being in the group for so long?

Wildchild: The goal I always had was to do a solo album – before we even did the Lootpack album. But with the time period of our schedule and recording… it never let me keep recording song after song. So I just shifted gears to start recording a solo album myself. It wasn’t that we were splitting up, it’s just that we wanted to put out multiple projects. We’re going to come out with a new Lootpack album – it’s not just a focus on solo albums.

Any projects you’re working on that you want to talk about?

Wildchild: I got a EP that’s going to come out called “The Jackal.” Its an alias I go by… I also got some new Lootpack material and a DVD called “The Wild In You” with the package of the “Secondary Protocol” album. But it’ll be a live version of the album with scenes from the tours.

Thanks to Wildchild for the opportunity for the quick chat, and to William Hernandez for offering it to the site.

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