ARTICLE: Why the Hiphop world must embrace Guerilla Black

Why the Hiphop world must embrace Guerilla Black

A lot of people are already coming down hard on Compton’s Guerilla Black. A lot of people have been calling up radio stations and hitting up internet message boards to dismiss dude as a graverobbing Biggie clone. A lot of people are full of shit. Let me explain to you the difference between this, and the other cases of star-jocking that have occurred in the last little while, and give you some history of the nonsense that has already went down.

2pac clones
This bullshit started almost before Mr Shakur was rattling the pearly gates. Master P was already on the dillz, DMX and Ja-Rule were catching accusations of biting, and then this cat Blac Haze came out and blew up all their spots with an amazing take-off of the dead Digital Underground backup dancer – so amazing in fact that many copping those EXXXXXXXCLUSIVE 2PAC UNRELEASED!!! bootleg cds off ebay, didn’t realise that they were vibing to the words of someone else. The amount of heads running round screaming around drinking Henn-a-SEE while riding on they En-A-MEES got laughable for a minute.

Jay-Z clones
Angelous. Sacario. This new cat Bishop Lamont (who sounds like Jigga crossed with Fiddy.) All trying to ride the coat tails of the Roc’s number one player by biting his whole rhyme scheme, the way he pronounces and stresses each word. Angelous was biting down so hard in fact, that Jay even fired some shots in some mixtape verses at him. When the dust settled on this however there’s only one real winner.

Biggie clones
Shyne. I see where people are coming from, but really homeboy just sounds like he has a bad cold. Supernatural. Yeah I said it. And people will whinge “You’re wrong, those other cats were making a living by basing their whole career off a dead rapper – Supernat just does his Biggie impersonation in the freestyle segment of his live show.” Yes – but folks that IS his career! What exactly is ‘Nat memorable for apart from beating Juice in a battle, and “here – after you rhyme about this lighter in my pocket, and my homeboy’s cell phone, do that Biggie thing”?

In all those other cases, there was enough of a body of work from the original artist that we could safely ignore the wannabes. We all know how 2pac got down in the studio – the man had 30 squillion songs stockpiled before his last little run to the sto’ with Suge. We could safely ignore Blac Haze knowing that (like waiting for a bus) another 2pac album would be along in a minute. We didn’t need the fake, because the real deal was still around (on wax at least.) The same for the Jay-Z clones – Jigga was around to put paid to Angelous and Sacario himself, and anyway, why would we want some storebrand cola when the real Coke was in easy reach? As for Shyne, and Supernat – although they do fall into the ‘clone’ category, I’m discounting them because muthafuckas already embraced them for different reasons.

So why is Guerilla Black different. Why should we accept him?
1) He’s got crazy skills.
2) He sounds like Biggie.
3) He looks like Biggie.
4) Biggie ain’t here any more.
5) There’s no new Biggie stuff in the vaults.
6) I’m sick of hearing the acappella of ‘Party & Bullshit’ over the hot beat of the month.

Therefore, GB is the CLOSEST thing we have to BIG still being here. Shit… check out the GB mixtape where he rhymes over Biggie’s beats and you’d swear Chris Wallace WAS still here. Call it a gimmick if you want… when I spoke to GB he acknowledged the similarities but stressed that he wanted to be his own man, his own rapper. Personally I’m saying fuck all that – just keeping rhyming like Biggie, even if cats are gonna call you out as fake because you used to be a down south cat called Big Cizzle. I don’t give a shit about all that. If “the greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th”, then at least Guerilla Black in a crazy way is helping to keep his memory alive.

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