Verbals by Mistajam
Eminem – Like Toy Soldiers (Shady/Aftermath/Interscope)
Definitely one of the highlights from Encore – the blonde bomber delivers a perfect commercial radio track displaying a rather mature and sensible look at his current hip-hop beefs. Unfortunately, we seem to live in an age where ignorant fools have forgotten about the essence of the hip-hop battle and reach for their gun and crew when someone disses them on record. Krs-One style rants aside, it’s a solid track with less boring production than Eminem has displayed recently that should do well. Did I mention it’s got a Martika sample? I used to fancy her…
RATING: 4 / 10


Verbals by A to the L
Ying Yang Twins – Wait (TVT Records)
A total departure from everything Kaine and D-Roc have ever done before, this beat is minimal to the EXTREME, and features the pair WHISPERING their entire stock of tongue-in-cheek romance lines. “Hey how you doin’ little mama, let me whisper in ya ear” – a fairly standard chat-up line quickly gives way to a promise of bedroom shenanigans with the modest “Wait’ll ya see my dick bitch, I’ma beat that pussy up!” Seriously though, as per usual with Ying Yang tracks any criticism of their content is headed off by their cartoon delivery, and coupling this with a beat that will likely be overlooked entirely by the mainstream (but who would slob all over Timbaland’s jock if he dropped this) makes this a club winner.
RATING: 8.5 / 10

ARTICLE: The return of the man who never came back

Return of the man who never came back (By DJ MF)

So what’s the real reason behind MF not writing anything for in the last, oh, 6 months or so? Quite simple. The colour sucked. I mean, really, who the hell wanted to look at the visual equivalent of diahrrea while trying to get their fix of hip hop news and reviews online? Brown? Taupe? Beige? Orange? Honestly. Someone should have deported A to the L for that shit.


Q-Unique Interview (by Con SECT)


Q-Unique , formerly of Arsonists fame, took time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions. Short and to the point, he talks about his new solo joint “Vengeance is Mine”.

How’s it going?

Everything €™s cool, just kinda bummed. Fucking Bush won. Fucking garbage.