ARTICLE: Why the Hiphop world must smack the shit out of Guerilla Black

Why the Hiphop world must smack the shit out of Guerilla Black


I wanted to be down for you man. I really did. When we did the interview you sounded sincere. Your album was actually not bad if you could get around the fact that it sounded SO MUCH like Biggie – you actually did a good job of getting some nice beats on there.

But then the news came out that you were full of shit. How long did you think you could go on for without the Big Cizzle skeleton hopping out of the closet and battering muhfuckas in their grill with a rib bone?

Come on son. How can you expect anyone to buy the story that someone ran your voice through a machine to make you sound like a Dirty South DMX, when you’ve previously never mentioned this album at all? Didn’t you think that when the story broke, you’d end up with a pan of chicken-period all over your mush, because so many people were waiting to bring you down?

I admit you had me fooled for a hot minute – you came off like you wanted to make this Hiphop thing work for you, that you truly respected Biggie, and that you weren’t trying to cash in on his name.

Joke’s on me Jack. You’re a fucking fraud, and the only good thing that might come out of this is the fact that this might stall any semblance of a career you had going for you, before it even takes off.

Remember Blac Haze? Nah dog, not many other people do anymore either…

You’re toast.

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