Verbals by A to the L
Ying Yang Twins – Wait (TVT Records)
A total departure from everything Kaine and D-Roc have ever done before, this beat is minimal to the EXTREME, and features the pair WHISPERING their entire stock of tongue-in-cheek romance lines. “Hey how you doin’ little mama, let me whisper in ya ear” – a fairly standard chat-up line quickly gives way to a promise of bedroom shenanigans with the modest “Wait’ll ya see my dick bitch, I’ma beat that pussy up!” Seriously though, as per usual with Ying Yang tracks any criticism of their content is headed off by their cartoon delivery, and coupling this with a beat that will likely be overlooked entirely by the mainstream (but who would slob all over Timbaland’s jock if he dropped this) makes this a club winner.
RATING: 8.5 / 10

Roots Manuva – Colossal Insight (Big Dada)
Hmmmm… the first single from Rodder’s upcoming “Awfully Deep” longplayer definitely lacks the immediate thump of ‘Witness’ (first single, from his last album.) However, with its bubbling synths and mellower vibe, UK daytime radio will no doubt champion it amongst the I-like-Kanye’s-album-so-now-I’m-down-with-Hiphop crowd. You know who we mean. The other mixes of the cut are much more interesting with the Part 2 Remix and Jammer & Miss Beatz Remix impressing with their different takes of how to support Roots’ thoughts on UK hiphop and the music biz in general.
RATING: 6.5 / 10

Lil Wyte – I Sho Will (Remix) (Hypnotize Minds)
WHITE GUY GETS CRUNK! Many will be unware of Lil Wyte, while others will dismiss him as another case of Elvis-syndrome… y’all are missing out. Wyte is a legitimate member of the Three-6-Mafia crew, and the production from Juicy J and DJ Paul is as tight here as it is on full Mafia releases. Sounding like an updated version of Snoop and C-Murder’s ‘Down 4 My Niggas’ No Limit collab, with the same ominous horn roll dominating the track, I Sho Will features Lil Wyte sharing mic time with Houston’s finest, Lil Flip. As usual with many southern releases, its more about the music that the lyrics, and if you keep this in mind, and accept the durrrrrrrty for what it really is, its hard to fault this cut at all.
RATING: 8 / 10

Mike Jones – Still Tippin’ (Swishahouse)
Surely you’ve heard this by now? Paul Wall lays down the strings, while Slim Thug and Mike Jones (who?) get busy on the mic. Their slooooooooooow floooooooow is remarkable, with Paul dropping much of the percussion to the background to let the emcees and the strings dominate the mix. This has been doing so much damage in the clubs for the past few months, it ain’t even funny. The flip, ‘Gon Head’ is a more uptempo affair, with Mr Jones (who?) spitting his Christmas list over a Mannie Fresh-esque instrumental.
RATING: 8 / 10

Paula Campbell – Peanut Butter Jelly (Blackbyrd)
Paula seems to have got some recognition simply because she’s out of Baltimore (a literal Hiphop wilderness) and that she sang over the ‘Lean Back’ instrumental on manys-a-mixtape. This is standard R’n’B mixtape throwaway fluff – the beat bangs, and will definitely light up a club for a couple of minutes… but in a month or so will anyone really remember this? Must try harder, young lady.
RATING: 4.5 / 10

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