REVIEW: Blurred Insight – Wet The Palate EP

Wet The Palate EP

Artist: Blurred Insight

Album: Wet The Palate EP

Label: Blurred Insight

Rating: 7/ 10

Reviewer: Tha Godson
When a friend of mine played me this disc for the first time a few months ago, I immediately shut the fuck up as my attention was drawn to the following tracks on this EP…

1. Taste the Shit
This track commanded my attention from the moment I hit play – obviously not a bad way to start making a first impression. The theme is not a new one: I’m hungry, I want to make it, and I’m better than most of those that have. But rather then coming with that tired, often bitter-sounding flow found in some underground circles, these cats put an emotional and creative spin on this notion. There are some very unique aspects of this song… one of those being that the WHOLE SONG follows the same rhyme scheme from start to finish, which really left me in awe. From the first verse, where one of the MC €™s proclaims that he €™s €œNot about to settle for Grand Central, just playing for tips €, to the second verse, where two of the MCs €™ frustrations lead to them kidnapping a known record executive, to the last verse, where they explain that €œus and hip-hop, got a unique relationship; he said he can only put us on if we lace this shit €, this song shows the passion that the group feels for this shit, and what lengths they €™re willing to go to to make it happen. The beat and overall feel of this energetic banger will captivate even those that are too ignorant to catch this amazing display of lyricism.

2. It Takes A Lot
Guaranteed head nodder. Here we see 3 of the MC €™s from the Blurred Insight camp (Mad Maxx, Prizm, and Arcane) showcasing their diversity over a solid Wu-Tang-esque soundscape. I particularly liked the gritty drums, reminiscent of ‘Glaciers of Ice’. If there were any doubts before, after hearing this track, it is clear that these boys have a heavy east coast influenced sound, and can really bring it on the verbal battlefield.

3. Longer Than A Lifetime
If one of these tracks could be a radio hit, this is the joint. Now this is not to say that it would fit into the format of HOT 97, or any other known radio station currently making a mockery of hip-hop, because it is far too lyrical to seriously be considered a commercial joint. But it has that universal appeal. Luscious soundscapes and sweet female vocals make this epic battle song among the best songs I have heard all year. Now, despite the commercial appeal, the rappers deliver poignant and clever lines throughout , which is sure to make this one a favorite with underground heads as well. From the very first line in the song, “My emergence, will come at a rate of urgency, A lyrical resurgence to cure this state of emergency”, one memorable lyric after another is delivered by Ethan (The Rhyme Minister) and Mad Maxx. In addition to the beat, the emotion in this song is another thing that separates it from your average battle song, especially with producer Insight on the hook.

4. I Got Love
Definitely the most interesting and unique song on the EP. At first listen, I was almost confused – a double time, down south, conscious bounce song with hints of gospel? Not really being a fan of Bone or similar artists, I was at first turned off by this sound. But, the Blurred Insight boys managed to wow me once again by clearly separating themselves from others in that genre. The lyrical content is a unique concept, seldom heard in modern hip- hop: “I got love, even for my enemy.” And the €œenemy € took many different forms in this song, from doubting family members to those that start senseless beef. And the way that they flipped it had them each showcase an innovative way to hit up a beat of that tempo. The production was also outstanding, and the vocalist once again did her thing. A retro organ gave a nice, organic touch to the otherwise slightly futuristic sound.

One complaint of mine is the lack of any sort of cd booklet (or at least some credits for that matter) with the CD. There were all these different voices on the CD, and I didn’t know who the hell any of them were. But one thing that saved me was the fact that the website is on the cd. Upon further inspection, through the lyrics on the website I was able to slowly piece together who’s who. Reading the lyrics also played a big part in furthering my appreciation for the group’s astounding verbal abilities. But it was still a pain in the ass.

The biggest complaint though was the number of songs. While I do love each of the 4 unique songs on this disc, I am definitely left fiending for more. Although if that was their intention, I guess they succeeded. These are the only reasons I could not give this disc the 5 stars it probably deserves. Check for these cats, cos I can see them makin’ lots of noise in 2002.

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