REVIEW: Canibus – 2000BC

2000 BC

Artist: Canibus

Album: 2000 BC

Label: Universal

Rating: 6.5 / 10

Reviewer: Redeem

“I’m known geographically and intergalatically, that’s why I got extra terrestrials that wanna battle me…”

Canibus has returned. And it seems he wants to battle the whole planet, the stars and the whole damned universe. “2000 B.C. ” (before Canibus) is the ‘c-quel’ to his hit-and-miss debut self-titled release. This time, instead of giving us the finger on the inside cover, he’s chosen to form a triangle with his hands, hmmm, maybe Canibus is gonna spit more ‘new-world theories’ at us like he did with ‘Channel Zero’. Unfortunately not.

The album kicks off with snippets from his past mixtapes and singles, relayed over each other, to form an intro. His then proceeds to brag and battle with over-the-top exaggerations, that defines half of a battle MC’s strength. The other is the punchlines, and there’s no holding back on these either, “…and if a nigga says my demo is wack, I’ll beat his ass and take my tape back.” Not a great track, but serves well as an opening, you know what you gonna get.

The next few cuts are the most polished, but all with the same theme; several ways of beating an opponent. On the first single, ‘2000 B.C.’, the war sirens sound and you know the battle is commencing. “So in the ring you cannot win, the top ten become nine dead if I ever decide to hop in.” The tune is secondary, it’s just a platform for Canibus to battle and brag, oh yeah, and blame Wyclef for ruining his first album. Once again, there’s nothing to this track, except the nice battling. ‘Life Liquid’ is more like it. From the start of the effective beat it seems a step up from the last two tracks. Journalist opens the song with a verse and then the two share the chorus. Canibus takes over and flows nicely, his voice seems more dominant on this as he describes different ways of destroying you. For the most part, as you expect, his lyrics are dope, but on this album he seems to take it too far. Spitting more multi’s and all too often sacrificing content. When he rhymes about you being attracted to vegetable, you just think, ‘aight….you runnin low on punchlines?’ ‘Watch Who U Beef Wit’ is another dope track, with the simple piano note opening things up. The same topic as before is dealt with, as the whole song is a ‘warning’ to anyone else EVEN thinking of beefin’ with ‘the intergalatic MC’. “Now you got yer grill in the ground, how that dirt taste? You shouldn’t have started this shit in the first place.” Another nice battle track.

Time for another guest to shake thing up a little. And you gotta be hype about it being Rakim. Well, it depends if it’s vintage R or not. Fortunately, Rakim drops an incredible verse. “Be ready and at yer best, the celebrity match of death, heart snatched thru yer chest, cardiac arrest…” Yeah baby! This two make a nice ‘couple’ for sure. But I’m sure he keeps callin Canibus ‘bitch’ thou, but anyways. The ‘bitch’ is definately not out of his depths though, which stands out. The tune is nice, despite various peoples’ complaints about the ‘changed’ beat, although I’m sure the background effect are from some old 80’s computer game. (Forgotten Realms, or some shit). I wonder if he wanted Big Pun to get on this first?

The album then bounces between mediocre filler and the average. There’s nothing as awful as ‘Rip Rock’ thank God, but on the flip side, I kept wanting to hear something as dope as ‘Buckingham Palace’ to kick off. The trouble with this album, is the same as what damaged the first. The production. It’s nowhere near as dominant as you would have hoped, and even more annoying is the fact that Canibus tries to redeem (sorry) this fact, by dropping gems like a clumsy thief (whut up AL!?) throughout tracks. ‘Die Slow’ is easily forgettable, as is ‘Phuk U’. ‘Horsementality’ is nice, but I dunno who decided to let the weakest link in that crew spit two verses, (Kurupt). ‘100 Bars’ shoulda stayed a B-Side. I wish he could have replaced some of the very-average songs with some topical subjects. Maybe him and Nas should get together (with Primo) and surely both of them would be cured of their inconsistancy.

The positive you can take from this album, is that Canibus doesn’t really feel the need to have guests. He can definitely please lyrically and entertain. So, if you don’t mind an album that is pure battling with nice lyricism but with NO subject matter, then you won’t be too disappointed, like me, but it does live the thoughts that maybe in a few years he will get the jigsaw right and the whole picture will be worth viewing…

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