REVIEW: Coo Coo Cal – Disturbed


Artist: Coo Coo Cal

Album: Disturbed

Label: Tommy Boy

Rating: 7 / 10

Reviewer: Suspect

When one first thinks off Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we think about The All American family from “Happy Days” and The Fonz’ poppin the collar the player way. Let’s be real – Hip-Hop don’t come to mind when talking about Milwaukee. Coo Coo Cal is about to change all that with his “Disturbed’ album on Tommy Boy Records, and with these words.

“So you wanna spread a lot of talk about my city Milwaukee huh! All that talk about Laverne & Shirley, Happy Days, all that bullshit, what the fuck – do you think ain’t no niggas in here?”

You get an answer to a question you really was askin’ yourself. Coo Coo Cal has paid his dues, So dont think he just came out of nowhere. He went from being a DJ spinnin’ at local basement parties to workin’ the local scene in Milwaukee. To workin’ your country, to your state, to your ject’s, to your burb’s, to la quadra’, to your house. Local used to be the keyword, now Coo Coo Cal is intent on workin’ the worldwide scene.

This album features top notch production from Bigg Hank, Bink (Jay-Z), Dj Cipha Sounds, KayGee (Naughty Ny Nature), Rated R and Milwaukee’s own 88 Keyz. Aside that Bigg Hank handle’s most of the production on the album. “Disturbed” also has some crazy cameos by Kurupt, Twista, Indo (Tommy Boy’s latest signee), Trick Daddy, Koffee Brown, Mocha, MidWidKid, as well as the whole Infinite clique.

While many artist’s nowadays only talk about the jewelry and the cars. Coo Coo Cal spit’s about the real life, the ghetto, the projects, he even take shot’s at the government. With that said, In ‘My Projects’ he spits about his projects and take the track to another level with his charismatic flow.

“You heard about the ‘War On Drugs’ now won’t you tell me ‘who you think is winnin’?”

On ‘I Did It Again’ he goes out to prove wrong the cynics about him not making it out of the local scene. But, now the haters are like ‘He Did It Again’ but now on the national scene. This a track dedicated to the haters, and probably you too…

“even got Asians on this squad, because I’m connected motherfucker wide with straight ties to the mob”

Cal’ also let ya know he got love for the Milwaukee streets on ‘Dedication’ with Mr. Do It To Death. To really understand the track just check out the chorus…

“Ain’t been to the city in awhile, Now we had to shout y’all down
And if you don’t let us thru the do’ We’ll have to go and get the 4-4.
Oh act like you didn’t know, From the west to the sucka city hoes.
I know one thang fo sho, Betta not bring your ass hoe.”

Cal even team’s up with Chi-Town’s finest, Twista on the addictive track ‘Still Ride Till We Die’ to let ya’ know mid west is takin’ over. So take notes – it’s Milwaukee to Chicago. So fuck a record deal like Twista said on the track.

In all this album is worth the doe, one of the better releases of the year. If you disagree with me then come holla at the Suspect. So we can take care of that today over here at ‘Pimp Slappin U’. So take knowledge the easy way just pick up the damn album or you can pick up a fat face.

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