REVIEW: Dru Down – Gangsta Pimpin’

Gangsta Pimpin'

Artist: Dru Down

Album: Gangsta Pimpin’

Label: C-Note

Rating: 4 / 5

Reviewer: Josh Scott

Dru Down is a Bay Area legend. He blew up many years ago with the anthem, ‘Pimp Of The Year’. He came out with a few albums and various guest appearances (you may know him from the first verse in ‘I Got Five On It [Bay Area Remix]’), but since then he’s been quiet. Lately though, he’s resurfaced by ripping it up on Daz Dillinger & JT The Bigga Figga’s “Game 4 Sale”, “Pandemonium” compilation, and on the Luniz “Silver + Black” bootleg album floating around the Bay Area. Also just a few months ago he released “Pimpin’ Phernalia”, which only had a few bangers on it, like ‘I’m A Pimp’, ‘You Know’, and ‘No Underwear’ with Yukmouth. But now he releases “Gangsta Pimpin'”, a quick follow up. You may have seen the ad in the March issue of XXL (with Wu-Tang on the cover).

1.) Earhustlers
A typical Bay Area Mob beat. Dru Down shows off his sing-songy type of flow. You could almost imagine Nelly listening to old Dru… the term Earhustlers refers to liars and snitches:

“There’s two members in my crew, sittin’ in, listenin’
Tellin my business for some killas and I wanna know who is it
They movin they lips for fedi chips, givin’ suckas tips
I’ll tell ya today, we’re gonna be leavin without two members of the clique…”

2) What’cha Speakin’ On?
A stop-and-go type of beat, which I’m really not into, but the song isn’t that bad. Dru’s flow is shown off again, though. He redoes some old Sugar Hill Gang lyrics for this… would be great if it wasn’t for the beat….

3) No Stopping My Hustle (ft The Luniz & Space Hog)
Mafioso beat with a string background… Space Hog rips it up, but I don’t know much about him. His voice and delivery is similar to Bad Azz. Knumskull has a nice verse on here, he’s pretty underappreciated since he’s paired with Yukmouth – he deserves to get his as well. Even though it’s billed as “featuring the Luniz”, it only has Knumskull…

4) Gangstafied
Roger Troutman / funk beat. Goes to an L.A. sort of song with this one. I can’t stress the dopeness of his flow enough… he just rips it up.

5. Pimp Of The Year 2(000)
Remake of his classic. The beat brings back the horns from the original, and Dru recites some of the old lyrics, but flips them up. Nice song… like the original better though. I miss the “piiiiiimp, pimp on” and “you got all the ladies” vocal samples…

6) Jam On It (ft Nitro)
This beat is a remake of the old school electro classic. Even without the title to give it away, you’d know it as soon as you heard it… more uptempo song. I like D-D’s delivery on this song, with his high pitched line ending style he usually flips…

7. Mo Guns (ft The Luniz)
Another mafioso type of beat, emotional strings, lots of depth to it. Reminds me of another song. Dru’s flow is alright at the beginning, but halfway thru it sounds like he re-recorded it or something, because he starts ripping it up. This time, Yukmouth is the only one on the song with some Master P disses (in it’s entirety because it’s so dope):

“Bitch, you want waaaar!
Niggas wanna war, there aint no soldiers in your army, get the Marines
Bitch I crush your army tank machines and sank your submarines
Niggas launch your missiles, they don’t hurt me, bitch I’m invincible
Godzilla, I swoop up all you niggas and eat you like cereal
Crushing niggas like Sentinels
Before this lyrical shit I was born to fight criminals
Pack gats by the genitals
Now I’m a made niggas, untouchable, unfuckwitable
Plus, I flow critical, make you niggas sound so pitiful
It’s gonna take a miracle!
From 21st street y’all niggas can’t dirt me
I’m bloodthirsty, throw them dubs down, bitch, you aint worthy
And throw the fuckin’ westside up
Ya poppin’ like I don’t like ya, get hogtied up
And pistol whipped by the ridah and put the HK-45 slugs right up inside ya
Ya whole style inspired by us
Wack rhyme ridahs, fuckin liar
You aint a paid nigga, cuz I’m the boss and the supplier
Godzilla, I put yall niggas on fire
With one rip Babylon, bring death to anyone, if ya wanna test – yes
Bring that shit on, I’m scared to flow one
This Rap-A-Lot mafia, bitch, and this is Mo Guns…”

8) Outstanding (ft Sylk E Fyne & Joose)
One of those “ghetto love” type of songs. Once again, the chorus redoes some 80’s songs. I really like this chorus, I’m pretty sure Joose is the singer… Dru flows once again. Sylk E has a mediocre verse, but I doubt she can do much better than that. This is probably her best delivery I’ve heard…

9.) Don’t Shoot Pimpin’ (ft AMG & Suga Free)
Minimal beat, but I like the vocal scratches. The beat gets better in the chorus. AMG and Suga Free bring some heat. Suga rehashes some of his lines from ‘Dogghouse Ridaz’ from the Bad Azz album. I enjoy Suga Free’s comical singing. Him and Dru Down go well together, also check ‘Pimp Talk’ from the “Pandemonium” compilation, with Dru Down, Suga Free & 4-Tay…

10.) Paper (ft Da Productz)
Probably the worst song on the album. It’s not really that bad, but it gets boring. Nothing stands out from it. I’m not familiar with Da Productz, they aren’t that bad.

11.) I Rock
Very dope beat. Overall a tight song. The chorus, Dru’s verses, everything is tight. I’ll probably bump it a lot in the summer…

12.) Give It Up (ft Bosko)
My favorite song on the album. Once again rehashes an 80’s song for the chorus. My mind is blank on what songs they are, though. Bosko just did the beat and singing in the chorus. Dru flows his ass off on here, but I’m really enjoying the chorus.

13.) Wit It Wit It (ft Mellowdramatik)
This song was previously released on the Turf Stories soundtrack, which I was unaware of until my boy told me. Dope song, though. I like the chorus:

“Money to make suckas to shake (I’m wit it, wit it)
Don’t hang with them fake hoes I break (I’m wit it, wit it)
X.O. Remi Martin is what I drank (I’m wit it, wit it)
Can you dig it, get it, and understand (I’m wit it, wit it)
Fuck whatcha thank, I’m makin bank (I’m wit it, wit it)”

14.) Giving Up Nuthin’ (ft Kurupt & Bad Azz)
Tight beat, everybody flows. Just a great song. Kurupt and Dru Down flow a couple times back and forth, while Bad Azz just has a small part. This song doesn’t really have a chorus, just lets the beat play for a bit while Bad Azz in a whisper chants “I’m giving up nothing”, really hard to even tell he’s there… dope song.

15.) Bloodsucker
I take it back about ‘Paper’, this is definitely the worst song on the album. He tries to do a vampire theme, and just fails. It’s just a stupid song. It’s a shame because the beat could have been made dope, but the vampire inspired lyrics are just corny. It’s think it’s supposed to be a metaphor for him scooping up new females for his team. At a minute or so, the beat stops and someone mumbles all kinds of boring stuff until the song starts up again. I doubt I’ll play this song very much, if at all…

Two bad songs on the whole album. Everything else is tight. Still though, nothing groundbreaking, just dopeness. This review and my last of Soopafly, have showed me that these two have two of the tightest flows in rap. Dru Down has a unique style, while Soopafly mixes rapping with singing, but they both flow better than half the people on the radio or tv, including Nas. They KILL Nas’ flow.

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