REVIEW: Eazy-E – Impact Of A Legend

Impact Of A Legend

Artist: Eazy-E

Album: Impact Of A Legend

Label: Ruthless Records

Rating: 3.5 / 10

Reviewer: Timid

“Eazy E: Impact of a Legend” is a commemorative CD & DVD package in the memory of N.W.A. member and gangsta rap pioneer Eazy E. The CD contains 6 new songs, an intro and the ever-popular skit track. “Impact of a Legend” is a fitting title for a body of work by Eric Wright but does this particular song list live up to that title?

Well, for starters, the cover artwork alone doesn’t really do justice to the career of a legend. Someone should have took some more time to make more of a creative cover than a cartoon drawing of E backed by inked females and cars.

The intro comes off as a classic Eazy introduction with the characteristic deep voice often used on previous efforts. First off, “Impact of a Legend” is laced with some nice “gangsta beats” that fits the tone of the subject matter. Unfortunately, the lyrics from Eazy and company don’t hold up as well as the music. These tracks are more evidence of how Eric fell off after parting company with the other attitude-having niggas. There is just something flat about this production. For example, on the joint ‘Switchez’, Eazy delivers the lines “Watch this nigga do some diggin pop that pussy on a platter/Watch this nigga do some diggin, loose or tight it doesn’t matter” in the melody of a popular song at the time but it just comes off dry. There is something strangely familiar about the vibe on some of these tracks. The sound seems, at times, like an attempt to imitate the G-Funk style of the then-dominating Deathrow Records. One song in particular takes on a Snoop Era-esque feel to it. The third verse on ‘No More Tears’ is singing/rapping/speaking copy of what was being offered by Dre and crew. The hook on track seven ‘Ruthless Life’ had the potential to come off sweet but again could use a little water. The songs could have also benefited from some change-ups in the beats at times.

These critiques may seem harsh but this is a vet in the game with a very good track record and the charisma to work a mic and stage beautifully so this collection is sub standard by comparison.

Ruthless has a library of tracks that would live up to this title but these are definitely not they. Eazy’s 1988 release “Eazy-Duz-It” contains all the necessary joints you need to blaze a tribute CD playlist; hell they could have even went all the way back to ‘Fat Girl’. His solo (non N.W.A. related albums; “5150” for example) releases did nothing to attribute to the impact of a legend. His legendary status came from his previous releases.

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