REVIEW: Eminem – The Slim Shady LP

The Slim Shady LP

Artist: Eminem

Album: The Slim Shady LP

Label: Interscope

Rating: 6 / 10

Reviewer: Vadik

Eminem. Yet another crazy concept from the cranial channels in Dr. Dre’s mind. Or is he? After losing the Rap Olympics to Juice, he was just lucky to be discovered by Dre. With the catchy ‘My Name Is’ as the first single, “The Slim Shady LP” was released.

The ‘Public Service Announcement is’ pure corn, yet funny. The first real track is the first single ‘My Name Is’. The beat is horrible, but the lyrics are actually decent. If corny jokes ain’t your shit though, skip this. The next cut, ‘Guilty Conscience’, featuring Dre is a little more serious, and is a decent attempt at a concept track. The concept (bad vs. good thoughts) is mad played though. ‘Braindamage’ is about Eminem’s troubled youth, about how he was bullied and how he takes revenge, thus explaining his twisted behaviour (yeah right). ‘If I Had’ starts off philosophical, but is a little repetitive. The next one, ’97 Bonnie & Clyde’ is solid Eminem sickness, where he tells a twisted tale about how he kills his wife Kim. I like the track, but I usually don’t play it too often. ‘Role Model’ addresses the kids without a mind who follow Eminem without thinking. Meanwhile he takes the time to diss a few famous friends. Could be decent, but I don’t like the beat.

‘My Fault’ is straight up corny, as Em goes on about drugs, and how he ain’t responsible for everything that happens with that. ‘Cum On Everybody’ is better. The beat is dope, and Eminem drops lots of quotables. Funny shit. And on we move to the masterpiece of the album, ‘Rock Bottom’. It focuses on Eminem’s troubled childhood. No corny shit, no bullying, this is serious. He spits the truth over a dark, haunting, eerie background. This poverty shit is done mad ill. We go back to Slim Shady in the next track, ‘Just Don’t Give A Fuck’. This too is ill, with some hot punches. ‘As The World Turns’ is just too corny, and ”m Shady’ ain’t much better. The beat on that joint is mad wack. ‘Bad Meets Evi’l is a collab with Royce Da 5’9. This is some hot shit, there’s some sick wordplay on the track. Royce comes decent too. The last track, ‘Still Don’t Give A Fuck’, ain’t nothing special. And that was the end of this album. Now what to do with this little teen sensation slash wanna be shock rapper?

Well, if you like corny jokes, you probably love this album. If you don’t, it contains only a few nice tracks. For people like me, who are in between those two, well, they’ll find it decent. No masterpiece, but definitely entertaining.

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