REVIEW: Hasstyle – BX-tra


Artist: Hasstyle

Album: BX-tra

Label: Hoodlum Entertainment

Rating: 2 / 10

Reviewer: Bozak

If you are looking for the same old same old from a Hiphop joint, then this is it. Hasstyle and his crew take formula rap back to its origin – if you are into the bitches, hoes, ballers, guns, drugs, and the ‘getting money’ style of the 90’s – then here is it. Unfortunately for Hasstyle, most of his beats are not on point and neither is his rapping.

The worst thing about this “BX-tra” is that you are fooled initially while listening to the intro. A seriously dope beat jumps the whole thing off, but before long you find yourself almost devastated by Hasstyle’s lackluster lyrics and flow.

After that you can’t find a decent beat until track 11 (‘Silly’) which is a Kanye West-styled sped up sample of the Denise Williams track of the same name.
This could be a hit record done properly, but once again its hard to get a chance to feel the track because of the lazy vocals laid over it. Yes – it is a slow track to begin with, but his flow just comes off ridiculously. ‘Silly’ ends up just that – something that sounds silly. This record will make you curse the day Biz Markie ever sang on ‘Just A Friend’. Once again another rapper attempts to sing up under the hook without the proper skills to do so. It was funny when Biz did it, but it should’ve played out after that.

Dare I mention the act of doing reverb with your voice instead equipment made to do so? There is no doubt in my mind that Hasstyle and Yomo are going to want to kick themselves in the ass when some other producer comes along and does this sample some justice and sells millions of records. Conceptually great – but unfortunately the production and emceeing is off. If their excuse is that they wanted to keep it grimy they should’ve never picked a soft ass record like ‘Silly’ in the first place.

Primo fans beware. The cover of this joint boasts of exclusive production by DJ Premier & Heatmakerz. But on the real, there is one cut produced on it by Primo and four produced by Heatmakerz. The Primo track sounds as if Mr Martin was working on something for about 15 minutes and decided that he didn’t really want to do the track. This is a problem that many young independent artists have – do they put an inferior track on their joint by a known artist just to get run, or do they find a young producer who has mad skills and take a chance on them? Unfortunately for Hasstyle he chose the first option, and the insignificant Primo beat does little to stir the listener. It gets worse though – there is also a track with a guest appearance by Guru on it. Have you ever listened to Guru’s “Baldhead Slick And Da Click” album? If you have, let me just say this track rivals anything on there. Trust me, that is in no way a compliment.

Heatmakerz actually brings a touch of Dipset flavor to this joint with ‘Lost Someone’, which is probably the best tracks on the whole joint, although that may be more because of a guest appearance by Bullet and the hot production rather than anything Hasstyle does. It is not a good sign when the best vocals on the whole disc ends up being a guest’s.

“BX-tra” is not the worst joint I’ve heard this year, but I’m sure there are kids in the game with demos that are much better than this. Hasstyle should go back to the lab and concentrate on getting his flow together – he may have the passion for the music, but as of yet, his flow just ain’t there yet. There has to be more to rap than just reppin your city, guns, ho’s, and drugs. Don’t get it twisted – I’m not trying to hate on gangsta rap at all, but when there are so many artists who are doing it, you have to come correct. “BX-tra” is in no way, shape, or form even CLOSE to coming with correctness.

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