REVIEW: Jay-Z – The Life & Times Of S.Carter (US VERSION)

Volume 3: The Life And Times Of S. Carter

Artist: Jay-Z

Album: Volume 3: The Life & Times Of S.Carter (US)

Label: Def Jam

Rating: 7.5 / 10

Reviewer: Rane Of Terror

Yo, when I first got the bootleg of this, I thought this was his third best album, right next to “Volume 1”, but it musta been the quality of the bootleg or some shit, cause now that i got the retail version, i think this is truly his best since “Reasonable Doubt”. I mean it, i had a really shitty bootleg copy. Anyway, on with the review…

‘Hova Song’
This beat is fucking dope. Nice ass voice sample in the backround, deep bass, nice drum loop. Of course Jigga is just flossing and braggin’, but he’s doing it so dope on this track. “Rappers with no relation, it’s 7 degrees of separation and Im Kevin Bacon, this is the murderous version, Jigga’s the shit, even when he rhymes in third person, Hova the God, I should be rapping with a turban.” He also disses 50 cent in this song with a banging double-meaning line (i love this). “Mike Jordan of rap, outside j working, now watch how quickly I drop fifty, I don’t like playing, niggas can’t stick me.” And the “Okay, Im reloaded!” guy is saying some serious shit on this intro…

So Ghetto
Would you count this Primo beat as ’00 or ’99? If ’99, its his second best beat next to Nas’s ‘Come and Get Me’. For the full effect though, you need to play this loud as fuck in a banging ass system in a whip. It seems Primo knows how to make beats to match someone’s style very well. Can anyone else tell the difference between beats when he’s producing for Gangstarr and for other people. It’s hard to explain. Jay-Z freaked this beat so well. “Niggas see me in the streets with no bodyguards, just two big guns that’ll body ya squad, cause niggas be scheming on me, prob’ly ya’ll, think Jiggas a joke nigga? Hardey Har.”

Do It Again
This song is a song you either love or hate. I played this a lot when I got the Clue cd and I got bored of this song before I even copped the bootleg. Average beat and average lyrics by Beanie Siegal and Jigga. But the hook is pretty catchy. Jigga was trying to push platinum his first week and made a mistake by releasing this as a single… he should have released the song with Mariah Carey as the single and he would have done better than he did.

Dope Man
I know the fucking reason why a lot of peeps (especially underground dickriders) diss Jigga and shit. It’s because Jigga don’t release songs like this for a single. You may not like Jay-Z, and that’s cool, but you can’t listen to this song and deny the man his talent. It starts off with MTV news reports of the trial of the century, and Jigga’s on trial for doing his job; releasing music. “They got me for traffickin’, rackateerin’, audio crack, they call me dope man dope man, I try and tell them Im where hope floats, man, ghetto spokes-man… at age 9, saw my first hate crime, blindfolded, expected to walk a straight line, mind molded, taught to love yours and hate mine, climbed over it, at an early age, Jay shined, fuck the system, at lady justice, I blaze nine, your honor, I no longer kill my people, I raise mine”. Some really really really ill shit.

Things That U DO
Swizz Beats got boring really quick, I liked him for like 2 months, then I guess I just got tired of his shit. But he really hooked up a dope, laid back track for this. I don’t really like r’n’b or any type of singing, but Mariah really sounds dope singing on the hook over this beat. “…God given, guess it results for hard livin’, far from me to question Allah’s wisdom, coulda got lost in the system, ‘stead Im involved with the rhythm”

It’s Hot (Some Like it Hot)
I dont really like Timbaland (he can produce some very dope beats sometimes), but other than Rza, I’d have to say Timbaland varies his style the most. This beat is okay, kinda too slow for me, but the lyrics keep me listening to it. “Hovah’s like Noah keep two in the truck, I’m like U-Haul; every bitch movin’ I fuck”

Snoopy Track
Jigga’s not usually the one to have a song to smoke to, but if you dont got no choice, put this shit on. The beat fucking tickles your mind, no joke. Also another song to play loud as fuck in a nice car system. “I keep rappers talking to kids, Jigga sixth sense-ed ’em”

S. Carter
Really corny beat, corny lyrics from Amil (what more do you expect?) and average lyrics from Jay, but again, another catchy ass hook. Nothing worth quoting from this.

Pop 4 Rocs
Another really weak beat, more corny lyrics from Amil, a lackluster Memph man verse, a good Jay verse, and a REALLY dope Beanie Siegal verse. He get the quote from this song… “Catch Siegal in the kitchen balloon in the pie, Y’all know from whom to buy, Y’all niggas know if y’all cross Mac, Y’all soon to die, Cuz you know I bring heat like June and July, Spit like August, I’m the truth I’m not lying, I’m the reason why Jay feel comfortable retiring, I gotta laugh cuz y’all work hard at this shit, Think about yo I just started this shit, Just imagine if I put my heart in this shit, Scary sight y’all niggas feel me right, God damn yo I barely write…”

Watch Me
Dope dope dope dope dope beat. Whatsup with Dr Dre reciting old Jigga lyrics on the hook? “Say for what, ball ’til your days is up, this place is fucked, all types of aids and such, how they make it where you afraid to fuck? They gave us drugs, then turned around and investigated us, life is short, then you on life support, so in between it all, I’ma say I seen it all”

Big Pimpin’
Corny Jay Z lyrics, corny UGK lyrics, but this time it isn’t the hook thats catchy, it’s the beat.

There’s Been A Murder
A really dope beat, nice singing on the chorus. Heavy bass in this song, another lil’ something to play loud as fuck in a whip. “Lord help me, all I ever wanted to be was wealthy, or somebody to tell me that they felt me, I tried to play the hand you dealt me but you gave me five funnies an’ shit I was hungry I need menage money Nothin less than a 520; and with that said back to Shawn Carter the hustler, Jay-Z is Dead”

Come And Get Me
Yo, the intro to this song is doper than the regular song. This is definitely something nice to smoke. The intro that is. “I remove your roof, nigga, let the sun shine in, 38 waist, ’nuff to put one nine in, really a 36 without the gun I’m thin, but when the gat is tucked, I’m fat as fuck, ignorant bastard, I’m taking it back to day one, no kids, but trust me I know how to raise a gun”

I like the electric guitar loop in this track. It seems like it gave life to the beat. Without that simple two loop note, it seems the beat would have been a little shitty. “I looked Death in the face years back, I held tears back, I gathered myself and stared back, I’m from where you don’t crack, the weak don’t live, You gotta bounce back homey, the streets don’t give, I take and rape villages, who gon’ stop him? Not Rudy Guiliani, not Hillary Rodham”

Hova Song Outro
Same dope beat as the intro. on the same bragging tip. “Retrospect ain’t been the same since I lost my dad, He’s still alive, but still, fuck you, don’t cross my path”

This is a dope album – on the real. You need to go pick this up.

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