REVIEW: Jaz-O & The Immobilarie – Kingz Kounty

Kingz Kounty

Artist: Jaz-O & The Immobilarie

Album: Kingz Kounty

Label: D&D

Rating: 5.5 / 10

Reviewer: DJ MF

What’s beef? Well, according to the new tactics of hip hoppers worldwide, it seems like it’s just another way to make money.

Add Jaz-O to the growing list of Jay-Z haters if his recent diss track is true. Of course, it doesn’t just end there – reason being that Jaz is the man that brought Jay into the game. So that makes things a touch more interesting and raises things to higher than a ‘Canibus dissing everyone’ level.

Of course, the cynic in us would think that it’s pretty lucky for Jaz to be hating longtime friend Jay at this point of his career – just as he’s about to re-enter the game with a new album featuring production from DJ Premier among others. So let’s stop being cynical and see if Jaz’s new album is worth it – beef or not.

To put it simply, I have a lot of trouble liking this LP. Make no mistake about it – the beats are top notch for the most part. The aforementioned Primo drops heat on NY anthem ‘718’ (even though it’s nothing you haven’t heard from him before), and tracks like ‘Pledge Allegiance’ featuring MOP and Ras Kass, ‘Diaries’ and ‘Love Is Gone’ all sound incredible to my ears. ‘Pledge Allegiance’ in particular flips it’s sample amazingly, and Jaz gets massively overshadowed by his guests.

Continuing the theme of beats, the album isn’t all gravy – there are definitely moments when Jaz strays from the refined East Coast sound of scratched choruses and rugged drum breaks, and ventures into the land of his student Jigga. It’s at these moments that the album sinks to it’s lowest points, and becomes unbearable – ‘Take Me Papi’ with it’s blatant radioplay aspirations, ‘Slut’ with it’s all too glittery production, and ‘Never Forget You’ with its bounce theme are the biggest guilty parties.

Which kinda leads into my main issue with the album – Jaz-O ain’t saying anything you haven’t heard a million times before. Now I know, I know. A LOT of rappers are guilty of the same thing. However, not a lot of rappers are able to get Primo producing every other track. And that basically becomes the basis of my not liking this album – I imagine the hottest tracks without their production, and I hear generic east coast thug rap.

And really, that’s the greatest waste – all these beats, and not a rhyme of worth in sight. If you like beats – this album is for you. And for most, that will be enough – but does it make a good album? Nope. Just a merely average one when taken as a whole.

And what about Jay and Jaz? Oh yeah, Jay is featured on the lead single of the album, ‘Let’s Go’. So, what’s beef again?

2 Replies to “REVIEW: Jaz-O & The Immobilarie – Kingz Kounty”

  1. Another story written by one on the outside that has no idea of the truth. The beef is 100% real but Jaz has put a curve on it. We already knew that J would not do the video and that set Jaz off to go after J. The only prob with the entire beef is that Jaz tries to paint the picture that Jay stood him up and just did not show for the video. As far as the over all wright up all that are stuck into underground hip hop music that does not not sell worth 2 cents will not like the CD, so its give or take of what one is checking for. A true review is is it dope or not not what one personaly likes. Most people writting a review dont know whats hot until the public says it is then the reviews change because every hot joint out is saying the same thing with a different delivery. The kings Kounty CD was a brick only because as the beef started my x partner and Jaz turned the marketing plan in to a diss J marketing plan and when he saw it was not working he pulled all funding from the project. One thing good a/b music for every million that dont like a song there are another million that do.
    Former CEO of Rancore Records

  2. Nice.

    I hope your 4 year jail sentence wasn’t too stressful. Obviously you’re fresh out the pen and ready to take to task all these homos who dissed your former label’s project. I mean… that’s the only reason for writing this shitty essay on a 4 year old review of an album that nobody gives a fat fuck about.


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