REVIEW: Tha Eastsidaz – Duces & Trayz… The Old Fashioned Way

Duces & Trayz... The Old Fashioned Way

Artist: Tha Eastsidaz

Album: Duces & Trayz… The Old Fashioned Way

Label: TVT

Rating: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Josh Scott

1. Intro (ft Snoop Dogg)
A cool intro, but too long. That bass is annoying, too.

2. I Luv It (ft Kokane, Sir Dogg & Snoopy Collins)
I love this song, love the beat, just about everything. Only problem is that annoying guy from ‘I Can’t Swim’ off “Tha Last Meal”, and thankfully this is the only appearance of Snoopy Collins. Battlecat put it down with this song, though, especially with those trumpet things. Good first single.

3. Eastside Ridaz (ft Nate Dogg, Soopafly & LaToiya Williams)
Hi-Tek provides the beat. Nice drums, but other than that it sounds empty (which is the case for a lot of Hi-Tek beats). Snoop starts it off with a so-so verse, but comes back later in the song with some better lines. Best part of this song is Nate Dogg, and Soopafly puts it down by singing, too, almost Cameo sounding…

4. Crip Hop (ft LaToiya Williams)
This song is bangin right here, fast-paced. It’s also on the Baby Boy soundtrack. Tray Deee and Goldie put it down on fake ass crips, with a chorus that goes…

“I’m tired of that punk shit / where niggas claim to dump, where they from and who run shit / I’m bangin’ to the tip top / Can’t stop, won’t stop droppin gang bang hit roccs / Til the last drip drop / to the tick tock / to the blocks / niggas grip glocks / I’m knowin’ that this shit’s hot / this your first introduction to this muthafuckin’ crip hop.”

5. I Don’t Know (ft Soopafly, Suga Free & LaToiya Williams)
Slow paced song, has an intro featuring DJ Pooh for 187.4 on your FM Dial, WBOLZ. It’s like a slowed down version of ‘Loosen’ Control’, about them being sprung off some girl. Goldie runs down his problems with liking her,

“Is this the reason why your ass is acting funny / you only bring your ass around when I’m spending my money / I was breakin’ my probation / taking your ass places / cuz that’s a violation / me and your conversations / don’t have nothin, we’re facin / I got a lot of hoes I could run around chasin’.”

Soopafly and LaToiya go back and forth on the chorus. Suga Free is always funny as hell, “And your whereabouts? / Please, aint a bone in my body that would probably allow me to pretend you were something I cared about.” He plays the opposite to Tray Deee and Goldie like he did with Quik in ‘Do I Love Her?’. Pretty tight song.

6. Welcome 2 Tha House (ft Nate Dogg & Tha Angels)
Snoop starts it off by yelling, “Hey cuzz, give me somethin’ for the muthafuckin’ lowridaz”, and Battlecat does just that. Dope ass beat. Nate Dogg and Snoop provide the chorus, while tha Eastidaz and Angels both throw it down on the mic as Snoop throws in a few elements from past songs in here. I like this song, aside from the bangin beat, because it has what is by a lot of people considered the female version of Tha Eastsidaz.

7. Friends (ft Kokane)
Old school influenced song, definitely. Kokane sings the chorus – it’s pretty tight. This song is also slow paced, I wasn’t expecting so many of them on the album. Goldie ends his verse with, “Straight from the heart, eastside til I die / we aint no contract friends, we doggs for life.” Tray Deee also tells a little story about Tha Eastsidaz coming together,

“But Snoop Dogg / you could call me whatever the case / and homie that aint nothin that the set could erase / you put me with the homie Goldie / though we never had spoke / An Insane with a Twenty, now we helluva close / and yall kids my kids, so we family now / cuz I could never see you doing bad without me, and that’s real.”

8. Gang Bang 4 Real (ft Bad Azz)
Fred Wreck provides the beat. Fred Wreck’s production is like a futuristic, space influenced Wild West sound, like “Space Cowboys” or something, but this is still my least favorite Fred Wreck beat out of this album and Kurupt’s “Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey.” This song is almost five minutes long, so all three fill up the time each with a long verse. Each chorus somebody else says it, Snoop the second time, then ends it with a few lines to introduce Bad Azz to the song. Everybody flows on this one with Snoop almost mumbling at the end…

9. I Pledge Alligence (ft Soopafly & Kokane)
Fast paced song, reminds me a lot of ‘I Can’t Swim’ from “Tha Last Meal”. Similar sounding beat, and a much better Fred Wreck beat than ‘Gang Bang 4 Real.’ Kokane doesn’t just sing the chorus on this one, he has a verse, too. This songs slumps right here…

10. Now Is The Time (ft Kokane)
Reminds me of something from the last album. Straight gangsta shit. Once again Kokane is singing his ass off. Meech Wells is the producer, he always reminds me of Battlecat and Fred Wreck’s styles put together. The chorus goes,

“Now is the time, this is the place / to bang back the khakis with the Chucks fatlaced / West is the coast, East is the side / Long Beach is the city where the gangstas ride / Money brings power, power brings respect / disrespect the set I gots to grab the tech / This is how it goes, and this is how it’s done / Eastside 2-1 in the land of the thug.”

11. Cool (ft Nate Dogg, Butch Cassidy & Kokane)
My three favorite R&G (thanks Geni) singers. They just need to get TQ and Levitti on there and it would have been on. Slow ass song, once again produced by Hi-Tek, and once again seems a little empty, but dope anyways. Butch Cassidy sounds perfect over the beat, though. This song would be nice with a few 15″s. Takes over two minutes for anybody to start rapping because of the singers, but I like the singing on this song better.

12. Dogghouse In Your Mouth (ft Kurupt, Soopafly, RBX, Suga Free, Ruff Dogg, King Lou, Mixmaster Spade & Kokane)
I’m assuming this is supposed to be like the Dogghouse Anthem, and in that case it should have Butch Cassidy, tha Angels and Bad Azz on it, also. But anyways this is my favorite song on the album. Fast paced, great beat, and everybody on here flows. Suga Free starts it off with another funny ass verse,

“What, this here? This for them suckas / Nigga I came from a long line of playas that aint scared of one of you muthafuckas / I see these niggas wanna see me catch a case and get struck out / But I’m laughing, ’bout to knock they ass the fuck out / Bitch quit acting like a stuck up clown / that’s why your raggedy ass attitude is fucked up now / ‘Suga Freeeeee’ / Bitch swinging on my dick saying ‘Weeeeeee’.”

I don’t think I could last through a whole Suga Free album, I’d be cracking up the whole time. Soopafly is up next and just flows on this. I mean even RBX flows on this song. I don’t know who Ruff Dogg is, but he’s alright. Kurupt flows on this song, too, I really don’t know why Battlecat doesn’t produce more for Kurupt, as he sounds great over his beats (see ‘We Can Freak It’). Tray Deee takes a shot at Death Row, “It’s goin’ down, Dogghouse gangsta style / and fuck Death Row, we’ll take ’em out.” Bangin’ ass song – Mixmaster Spade finishes it off with an old school ass flow, I love it.

13. Connected (ft Mobb Deep & Kokane)
This song is pretty tight, but Alchemist must have been kickin it with Hi-Tek cuz the beat sounds empty, but I love the various violins and piano sounds in the background. Prodigy actually has a verse I like, ending with “We got Tray Deee, Goldie Loc, Hav and P / Kokane, and my nigga Snoop D-O-double G.”Havoc has a very forgettable verse, though. I was surprised at how good Tray Deee sounded over an Alchemist beat. Pretty tight song, I liked it even though I’m not much of a Mobb Deep fan.

14. Mac Bible Chapter 211 Verse 20-21 (ft Mac Minista)
Another funny ass Mac Minista interlude. I was getting sick of him, but he’s getting damn funny saying stuff like, “Will the real niggas stand up and be counted / or lay down and be mounted.”

15. Break A Bitch Til I Die
Jelly Roll has a nice beat on this one, but the song is pretty boring other than Goldie’s verse.

16. Sticky Fingers (ft Rick Rock & Kokane)
I don’t know why they didn’t have Kirk Jones on this one. Anyways it took me a minute to figure out it’s a song about weed, in the style of Mary Jane. One of the weirdest choruses I’ve ever heard. Has someone that sounds like an Adam Sandler’s played Waterboy or Little Nicky saying, “Sticky Fingers is the one I love, I love you, I love you…” The weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. Not a very good song, but maybe that’s because I don’t smoke. Only thing I like about this song is the amusing mental image of the Waterboy or Little Nicky singing the chorus. Rick Rock has a nice beat, but it’s not his best work (see ‘Loyalty & Betrayal’ for a bangin Rick Rock beat.)

17. There Comes A Time (ft Daddy V)
Nice song with all of the Eastsidaz saying thanks to their mothers, and the rest of their families. Cool song, Goldie has a pretty sad verse about losing his sister, and I can feel him because I also lost my sister.

18. Late Night (ft Kokane)
Snoop again talks at the beginning, it gets annoying. This song is a little boring, not much to it. I like Kokane’s chorus, though.

19. So Low (ft Lil Mo & Kokane)
A lot of people hate on Lil Mo, but I like her. I think she meshes well with Kokane on this song. I love this beat, too. A hard ass snare.

20. Everywhere I Go (ft Kokane)
Swizz Beats has this one. I got sick of his production for a while, but I’ve had a break so maybe that’s why I’m into this beat. Or maybe it’s because the Ruff Ryders aren’t on it. Anyways it’s pretty tight, ends the album with a hard ass beat and song.

Pretty tight album, A LOT different than their first album, it’s a lot more diverse with Hi-Tek, Mobb Deep, Alchemist, Swizz Beats, Lil Mo, and the usual suspects. Only songs I wasn’t into was ‘Sticky Fingers’ and ‘Late Night’, but other than those I can listen to it pretty much all the way through. Some may be scared away by all the guest appearances (only one song without any), but most of them are just singers on the hooks, Kokane is on 40% of the album’s songs, but only has one rapping verse, and there is only one skit. I’d probably give it a 8 out of 10. It’s a banger, but I really really wish ‘Wassup’ was on the album, I only have a bad quality recording of it and it’s a great song. Many of the songs on the promo weren’t put on here, and that’s ok because I wasn’t into the promo that much. So anyways check it out.

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