REVIEW: The Beatnuts – Stone Crazy

Stone Crazy

Artist: The Beatnuts

Album: Stone Crazy

Label: Loud

Rating: 8.5 / 10

Reviewer: A to the L

This is the album that brought the Beatnuts the recognition that they had long deserved after the classic “Intoxicated Demons EP” and “Street Level” long player. think it was also because of one of the standout tracks on this album (‘Off The Books’) that Big Pun blew up. It was ALSO the reason that everyone checked for their new album “Musical Massacre” that little bit more. But after this album, the new one was a bit of a letdown, despite the strong opening single ‘Watch Out Now’.

Enough rambling…..

“Stone Crazy” opens with a nice little instrumental opener featuring New York’s Finest on the police siren, and then we shift straight into the dirty beat and guitar break of ‘Bless the M.I.C’. Juju and Psycho Les rip the mic as a Biz Mark sample urges them “Get on the mic and bless the M.I.C.” Next standout track is the guy’s anthem ‘Here’s A Drink’ with its unforgettable chorus and then we move into the track that everyone knows, whenever it comes on in the club. The 2 emcees are joined by Big Pun for a hardcore performace of epic proportions. “Niggas is going over their favourite shit to be taping this.” Nuff said. The next phat track is ‘Find That’. Simple in construction, simple in lyrics, but laidback in delivery, almost Mobb Deep-like, as Juju threatens that “If you owe me money better find that shit, Cos niggas will die quick behind that shit.” Another join to check is ‘Give Me The Ass’. If you think that Will Smith abused that Patrice Rushen track for Men In Black then listen to how the Beatnuts flip it on this one.

The whole album has seriously nice beats. Its hard to find one track that I dont like on this album. The lyrics are hardly the most complex you’ll ever hear, but they sit nicely over the beats that these guys have made. Its no surprise that the Beatnuts get a lot of remixing work. I think its the whole sense of humour on display on this album too – they just seem to be out to make good music, not taking themselves too seriously, and not expecting you to either.

Anyways I don’t wanna give the game away too much. If you have this already you know how dope it is. If you don’t its a cool addition to your hiphop collection.

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