Altrap V4.0

Guess who's coming back?

So here we go again, with Version 4.0 of Yes folks, after a power struggle with those Network Solutions bastards over the .com name, I finally decided to let it expire and then try to repurchase it, as opposed to trying to get back in touch with Suspect, who I’ve barely spoken to for 38763826 years so he can transfer the whole thing into my name. I mean I’ve only been paying all the bills and running the site for the last five years…

So the good part is that I finally have the .com back and under my name. So now either OR will get you here. HOORAH!

The bad part is that it cost me $390 FUCKING DOLLARS TO GET THE NAME BACK BECAUSE OF THE BASTARD AD COMPANIES WHO PUSHED THE PRICE UP AT THE DOMAIN AUCTION. Cunts. I still think that it was a small price to pay though, as I had banged my forehead to a pulp already trying to speak Spanglish to Sus’s relatives while explaining what info I needed them to email or fax me. So I chose wallet pain over more head pain.

So here I am 390 big ones lighter, but with the familiar name back in black. Yay for the power of Visa.

So here’s the deal…

I’ve decided to port everything into into a blog format for several reasons…

1) I’m a lazy shite
2) Updating things this way is mucho easiero
3) I’m a lazy shite
4) El-P is a cunt

I’m probably doing things back to front and inside out, but while I fuck with this ‘bringing old content into new layout’ thing, please don’t email me to tell me that the review for “Fantastic Damage” isn’t live… I’m working on it. I plan to just flood this shit with ‘new posts’ of ‘old content’ for a week or two, just to get things ticking here. If this isn’t the right way to do it then I don’t really care. I’m also aware that old links may change as a result of this, but you’ll just have to get with the program I’m afraid – this is how it’s going to be…

I’m not sure if that RSS feed thingy over on the right works right – maybe someone a bit more technical-minded can check it or something and leave a comment. Any other suggestions or the usual hatemail is, as usual, welcome…

Oh and fuck Skye, 21 Howard Street, Belfast, BT1 6NB.

So there…

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  1. You should put a counter up so I can see how many people are shitting on my reviews.

    Oh, and how do I sign in?

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