“Never find a star like me that shines brighter…

…I stand out like sentences highlighted.”


A few interviews have made it over to the new archive already – go refresh your minds…

Rhymefest & Kanye West vs Dipset – yawn yawn yawn, who gives a frig First of all Mr Fest pulls the ‘LOOK AT ME’ stunt by running like a bitch to all the hiphop rags saying “I’M the one who wrote Jesus Walks”, and now that hasn’t worked, and his irritating ‘Brand New’ track still ain’t getting major spins by anyone except Mama Fest and fam, he’s now whining in HHC that SAS (the UK ‘arm’ of Dipset – chortle) are a joke. “All an act” apparently. NO FUCKING SHIT SHERLOCK. 95% of Hiphop is a fucking ACT. Next he’ll be telling us that a small fire has broken out at a bakery in Pudding Lane.

Why is everyone wanking themselves silly over the Boondox animated cartoon series? Stop it, you tools. I hate when muhfuckas try to ‘improve’ shit by doing something retarded with it, instead of leaving well alone. 2d 2panel news strip > 2d animated cartoon. Didn’t you idiots learn anything from Garfield?


What the fuck is going on?

How to disappear in America without a trace…


Today €™s listening list
Above The Law – VSOP
Jaguar Wright – Timing
Jahah – Focus
Jeffrey Osborne – Holding On
Nas – Silent Murder
Ragga Twins – Love Talk
Toots & The Maytals – Thats My Number
(download it HERE)

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