REVIEW: Fat Beats Compilation Volume 3

Fat Beats Compilation Volume 3

Artist: Various

Album: Fat Beats Compilation Volume 3

Label: Fat Beats

Rating: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Timid

You all know Fat Beats, that little shop of horrors of Hip Hop that started with one small store and is now a staple for urban music – yeah them. Well I hold in my hands the third installment in their compilation series. Now of any music store that pushes Hip Hop music, who has better crates to dig in than Fat Beats? So right off the top you see the CD and you expect the straight fire. A read of the track listing shows promise with hip hop pioneers Big Daddy Kane and Pete Rock & CL Smooth cuts, undergrounders like Little Brother and J-Live and an old cut featuring a little white boy named Emi something. Well as soon as I get this damn shrinkwrap off the CD we’ll see if it lives up to the first impression. Dammit, you music industry heads want to know the real reason internet bootlegging is so widespread??? Shrinkwrap!! Y’all know this ish is a bitch to get into.

This joint gets right into it, no silly intro’s or big talk. The J-Hova hand-out-to-the-cats -that’s-underground-grinding-to-produce-on-the-Black-Album crew Little Brother kicks it off with ‘Tension.’ Now I’ve heard mixed opinions of these cats music and for the life of me I can’t figure out why most of it is negative. ‘tension € is a hot joint from beat to flow. Good way to kick off the album.

Now you can always tell a DJ Premier beat, I don’t even need to look at the credits to know that Premier was holding down the boards on the Kane joint ‘Any Type Of Way.’ For those that haven’t heard this joint it’s an updated style for Kane. Ain’t no half steppin €™ on his part, can someone help this man get his album out finally please!!! Damn respect due people! Fat Beats serves up several helpings of DJ Premier laced cuts on here with Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s joint ‘Shine On Me’, Krumb Snatcha’s ‘Incredible’ featuring Gang Starr, NYG’s ‘Giantz Ta This’, and Just Ice’s ‘History.’ Y’all know how Premier do on the production tip, his offerings give you what you want. Too bad, it can’t be said about everyone on his beats. NYG’s joint isn’t bad but sounds like a mixtape joint and Just Ice’s “History” definitely is one of those that I could do without.

Pete Rock makes two appearances, one with his partner CL Smooth on ‘shine On Me” and the other with Tommy Tee on ‘Worldrenown’. Neither of these cuts disappoints; as expected. As a matter of fact, this compilation is pretty hot from start to finish. Good joint to throw on and ride too or crank the stereo in the crib up with. As you would expect from an album that’s stamped with the Fat Beats moniker, all the beats are… umm… well pretty phat like Monique from The Parkers. Fresh Air’s ‘Dreamin’ will take some getting used to also as the emcee sounds a bit dated, similar to Kurtis Blow in the early 80’s.

To me the joint that I have to repeat at least two or three times during a listening session is ‘The Day I Fell Off’ by that dope J-Live guy. I can feel him on the whole vibe he’s emitting, as I’m sure a lot of emcees have at some point felt that way. Let’s just hope that’s just a passing phase for J.

FB takes it back several years and digs up ‘Three Six Five’ from Skam featuring the Source’s public enemy number one; Eminem. For those who haven’t heard it, this is the Slim Shady that existed in between Infinite and his first major label debut. This is the Marshall that raised the industries collective eyebrow; high pitched nasal voice and all.

Now as with any compilation there’s always a couple joints that, although they may be good tracks, kinda throw off the flow of the music from track to track. Molemen featuring MF Doom is one. ‘Is He Ill’ isn’t a bad cut just the beat is so different than what’s holding down the album that it’s kinda out of place on here. B-Money’s represents the same effect. Don’t get me wrong the production is nice just doesn’t fit the overall energy of the compilation. On first listen, J-Zone’s ‘Alley Oop ’04’ would kind of fit this category not because of the beat but because of the topic. A full track dissing the NBA? J-Zone makes it work though because the shit is funny. He pulls these cats cards like a street magician with lines like; “to my Clippers I love y’all but what the fuck happened, maybe I should run the two guard and y’all should start rappin'”, “yeah the Mavs is nice but Dirk need a barber, everybody on that team looking like somebody father”, and “fuck the Spurs anyway, fuck that team look horrible, hairlines be looking like the coastline of Florida.” By the way, calling out Robinson still having a flat top gets points.

Rubix with ‘Get It Crack’n’ bringing a Good Company sounding hook, Grafix with ‘Gravity’, Espee’s ‘Like The Rest Of Them’ and DITC’s ‘Day One’ make up the rest of the compilation and all hold their own. DITC’s joint is backed by a hot ass beat more known from Bad Boy’s use of it.

You can’t really go wrong here. Fat Beats didn’t do too bad pulling together volume three. I’d say it would be worth the pickup. You hear that??? I just endorsed your joint Fat Beats!!! So when I approach you to stock my CD you better give me love!!! A spot on a future compilation would be nice too! I’m just buggin’… no really though’somewhere around track 5 or 6 would do good for me.

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