REVIEW: Funkmaster Flex – The Mix Tape Volume II

The Mix Tape Volume II

Artist: Funkmaster Flex

Album: The Mix Tape Volume II

Label: Loud

Rating: 4.5 / 10

Reviewer: Vadik

A mixtape ain’t a complete mixtape unless you got some freestyles on it. Funkmaster Flex took heed and actually went a little bit too far. I’m playing his second mixtape, containing 44 tracks. 18 of them are freestyles. On the tape are names like Jay-Z, Nas, Cormega, Notorious B.I.G, The Lox, Lil’ Kim, the Boot Camp Clik and various others.

The first thing I hear is Method Man on some 36 chambers shit. But the joy is short, cause Meth’s voice fades out and we get Jermaine Dupri instead. He’s wack and this is no exception. And he ain’t even rhyming, just talking. The next track is ‘I’m Not Feeling You’ by Yvette Michele (WHO??), and I ain’t feeling this cut. So I hit the skip button and hear the first “freestyle”. Of course I ain’t knowing if it’s freestyled or written, and I don’t care either. I give each freestyle the same judgement, so if MC Wack kills it with writtens, MC Dope better start writing too. The first one to freestyle is Jay-Z. He don’t drop the bomb, but has one nice line though,

“Are you outta ya mind, I put ya mind outta you”

He needs some time to get into it and drops something decent. The next one is Lil’ Kim, who comes wack as fuck. Nuff said. And it ain’t even off the dome. Lady Saw kicks some dancehall shit, and since I’m not into that, I can’t give it fair judgement. But I don’t like it. Notice that I only talk about the freestyles, since the other tracks are there just to blend one freestyle into another. Next freestyle is by Nas. This was around the time of It Was Written, so let’s see if this is dope off the dome. The fuck? A chorus?? Vadik raises his eyebrow. His shit is nice though. Foxy Brown comes with writtens and wack as well. Redman comes ill, two dudes called Ras T and Michelob come wack.

Then I notice Mary J Blige on the tracklisting. Mary? J? Blige? Yeah, I said it. But you can skip the track though, since she gets only four lines out. This is just embarrassing.

So far this ain’t looking good. Redman came ill, Jay-Z and Nas came decent, and the rest is vomit material. I cheer up a little when I notice the Boot Camp Clik with a freestyle session of near 8 minutes. Could it be? Knowing MF bigs them up on the regular, I was a little bit hyped. And I can’t front, this is dope. Next up is Akinyele, who just puts me to sleep. By the way, there’s a lot of Wu on this tape. No freestyles, but a lot of instrumentals and interludes.

Biggie and The Lox rock shit over ‘CREAM’. Jada comes decent, Biggie comes correct too, a little bit better than ‘Kiss. Styles drops decent shit too. Next beat is ”Wu Tang Clan Aint Nuttin Ta Fuck Wit’. Next MC over that beat is Mase. Yelling over the track (“All I hear is Bad Boy this, Bad Boy that / All I see is mad more hits and mad more tracks”) is Puff Daddy.

Ouch. That’s bad. Real bad.

Well, actually it ain’t. That’s the problem, and THAT makes it bad. Cause Mase absolutely KILLS the shit. That’s gotta hurt, being outshined by Mase. Coming with lines such as:

“I’ma big trick, drink and spend some liquids
I see riches straight from the district
So how you expect you can jerk the check
Then you come home thinking you deserve the sex
Yo I merk when I jet nigga, convertible Lex’
And I move too swift, might hurt your neck
I jump out the Lex with the iceberg sweat
Platinum chain hangin with a third on baguettes
This year be, niggaz gonna fear me, hear me”

Shit’s over. Lost Boyz and Das EFX, who come both nice, lose their shine a little. Xzibit comes nice but has a chorus too. What the fuck is up with that? Cormega comes correct too. Then it’s time to wrap things up. And shit ain’t looking too good. Sure, there was a few dope freestyles, but overall this was wack. I want less Funk Flex shouting, less appearances by his mans and ’em, less big names who spit wack and more people who are actually dope at freestyling. Also, a few complete tracks instead of blend material wouldn’t hurt as well. Damn man, you funked up.

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