REVIEW: Game Over

Game Over

Artist: Various

Album: Game Over

Label: Yosumi Records

Rating: 7 / 10

Reviewer: A to the L

I wanted to hate this, I really did. Before I even heard it, I’d been aware that the Cocoa Brovaz had come out with a joint rhyming over the Super Mario theme, and thought – Gimmick! Avoid! And you know what? I was wrong. The Cocoa B’s joint is the second track, and as it started I was secure in the knowledge that this was some wack gimmick shit. And then it started to grow on me.

The whole album is a mixture of unheard artists, and some more well known rhymers spitting over beats produced by DJ Rob and Domingo. A lot of the unheard artists seem to be Latino, which although not a bad thing, has resulted in a few tracks which sound like they bite Big Pun, both in terms of flow, and beats. (‘Que, Que’ by Tomorrow’s Weapons, and ‘Chica Bonita’ by JNJ Project both need to get off the dick.) Another disappointment on this is the solo track by Masta Ace. Having already ripped a track earlier on with Eminem and J-Black called ‘Hellbound’, he then has dropped a wack ass joint called ‘Spread It Out’, which is a straight ripoff of Busta’s ‘Gimme Some More’. Ace’s uncharacteristic speeded up flow, over the theme tune from “The Simpsons” had me reaching for the skip button.

Apart from these tracks though, the album is banging. The Cocoa Brovaz shit is nice, plus a collabaration called ‘Creep’ between Royal Flush, J Mel, 151-Ron, and Rah Bump is mad dope. One of the best beats this year for real. Its also a tossup between Rah Bump on this, and Emsy’s verse on Hellbound for tightest rhyme on this joint, both being real jerk-off material for lovers of multi-syllable raps.

Rah Bump –
“You talk about that crack, but I been selling that, since the days of wayback / I flipped a stack and got my dough back”

Dope. With other joints from Dhark Citi, and Mista Cheeks from the Lost Boyz, this album is definately worth copping. Word of warning though: get this on cd, cos theres a hell of a lot of skits, that are funny first time around, but will start to piss you off. You have been warned.

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