REVIEW: K-Salaam – The Hands Of Time

The Hands Of Time

Artist: K-Salaam

Album: The Hands Of Time

Label: DJ

Rating: 9 / 10

Reviewer: A to the L

There’s always been too much Hiphop music out there – only the millionaires among us can afford to buy EVERY dope tune. And that, my friends, is why we have mix tapes and mix cds. We get to hear a compilation of (hopefully) bangin’ tracks without having to physically buy every single one, and the DJ also gets to showcase his skills to a receptive audience. When its done correctly, it usually adds up to something special.

And so we come to “The Hands Of Time” mix cd by K-Salaam. While a lot of mix joints at the minute seem to be more about the DJ than the music, K-Salaam in the time-served tradition of Terminator X, “speaks with his hands.” While a lot of mix joints at the minute seem to be themed on one particular area of hiphop (all commercial, all underground, all west coast), K-Salaam’s cd encompasses acts as diverse as MOP, Prodigy, De La, through to Defari, Atmosphere, and Grouch.

Its all mixed perfectly, each track blends seamlessly into the next. K also showcases his skills on a serious of musical interludes between some tracks, scratching, mixing and cutting effortlessly. The beauty of this is that with his choice of tracks, he’s given fans of say, Prodigy and MOP, the chance to listen to some stuff that they might normally steer clear of, while showing underground heads that De La Soul’s ‘Oooh’ can sit comfortably alongside a Masterminds cut. And what’s more – with the way these tracks are mixed, heads nod the whole way through.

Highlights include a special Rakim blend near the end where we hear the R’s ‘Follow the Leader’ lyrics dropped over the beats to ‘Juice: Know The Ledge’; a hard rock / smoothed out Jurassic 5 remix; and some perfectly mixed instrumentals at the end just for the freestylers amongst us.

Not just a normal mix joint – with over 100 records used, 45 tracks deep and at 76 minutes long, this is a worthy addition to your collection. Fuck DJ Clue.

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