REVIEW: Kurupt – Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey

Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey

Artist: Kurupt

Album: Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey

Label: Artemis

Rating: 8 / 10

Reviewer: Josh Scott

So this is the Space Boogie and the Smoke Oddessey (yes, it’s spelled wrong). Overall, it’s a solid album. Only a few songs that could have been easily improved (‘Sunshine’ and ‘Kuruption’ more specifically), but LOTS of bangers. Great album… I’m not sure how it measures up to “Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha” though, I’m gonna have to wait at least a year to see if I still listen to it regularly like I still do with “Tha Streetz”…

1. Blast Off: Intro
It’s a pretty cool intro. Has a weird mood. I’m wondering if anybody could tell me what that guy talking is from. Anyways, it’s not a great intro, but when it goes into the first song, it’s incredible.

2. Space Boogie (ft Nate Dogg)
First off, a very funky and “space” sounding track, but then it has some orchestral sounds to keep it grounded a little. It’s like an intro track to the rest of the album…

3. Hate On Me (ft Soopafly & Damani)
Only one thing hurts this song, a monotonous beat with no variation. Soopafly seems to do that a lot on beats. If the main keys or whatever they are, were more than 5 notes, it would be MUCH better. Also in the chorus and during verses, the beat stays the same. No variation at all. But I still love Soopafly’s “fuck it” style of rapping. I also like the “get the fuck outta here!” sample, anybody know where it’s from? Damani is ok, don’t really know who he is. I like Kurupt’s verse, “Why you hate Snoopy, hate Nate, and hate me / why you hate Soopa and hatin’ on Warren G / Why you hate Roscoe, why you hate Damani / cuz he wanna fuck Amani and don’t wear Armani / hatin’ Goldie / and hatin’ Tray Deee / Tray Deee was like ‘fuck ’em if they hatin’ the G’s.”

4. On Da Grind (ft Daz Dillinger)
OK this is where it gets me. This was one of my favorite songs. A YEAR AGO WHEN IT WAS ON R.A.W. I’m so sick and tired of reused tracks, and it seems everybody is doing it. I’d rather it not be on here or be on something else. It IS a great song though, but I like it better on R.A.W. Oh, and I noticed they cut out Kurupt yelling “CRIPS!” at the end, they said he didn’t want people to feel they couldn’t buy it if they didn’t claim crip or whatever.

5. It’s Over (ft Natina Reed)
Here’s the song you love or hate. I’ve already said I like the song. I really like the vibe of it, just feel-good stuff. I’m gonna leave it at that.

6. Can’t Go Wrong (ft DJ Quik & Butch Cassidy)
This song right here is INCREDIBLE. DJ Quik put it down with the beat, and it’s one of the few instances that a saxophone sounds tight in a rap song. I love this song. DJ Quik shows off with his production and his mic, with a damn funny verse, “The reason that I’m here? / Kurupt done brought the beer!” and ending it with “We started this pussy shit (no shit) / and these the muthafuckin’ hoes we get?! (come on!)” Butch Cassidy also puts it down on the chorus. I don’t know if I like Nate Dogg or Butch better…it ends with an intro by Xzibit leading into the next song…

7. On, Onsite (ft Lil 1/2 Dead)
Has a fast-paced, forceful type vibe, reminding me a little of Trylogy (but not in it’s style). The beat is just crazy, Fred Wreck is killin it lately. It’s just a drum loop and bass at the beginning but when Kurupt is about to go into the chorus, he adds these strings, almost western sounding. Then to add to it, later in the song he adds one of the dopest things I’ve ever heard in a song, this Addam’s Family type organ. It reminds me of Filmation’s Ghostbusters, the old cartoon with the bad guy having an organ. Anyways, Kurupt just goes nonstop until Lil 1/2 Dead sings a little part. He sings it like the line from ‘Fuck Hollywood’ from “Too Gangsta For Radio” that goes “All you cats you act like bitches / knowin’ yall be straight switch-hittin’ / keep it real, yall niggas aint gangstas at all” but instead says “Niggas act like they gon’ get with me when they see me on site / but I don’t give a shit you bitch cuz I’m a gangsta for life.” Take it for what it’s worth, I guess… dope song…

8. Sunshine (ft Jon B)
I’m gonna go on a small rant here. First of all, I can’t stand Jon B. Ever since he first came out with his fruity haircut. He still has a fruity haircut but it’s different now. I will admit he put it down with the beat, but his singing is just annoying. What could have fixed this song: leave Jon B ONLY on the chorus, and not have his vocals be so damn loud. It sounds like Jon B is right next to me singing in my ear, and I don’t like that. His vocals almost drown out the beat. The song would be much better without him singing at all, or Butch Cassidy could have sang and not have been so damn annoying. I wasn’t expecting much from Jon B since I first read the tracklisting, and he didn’t give me much either, he should just be a producer and stop singing.

9. The Hardest Muthafuckas (ft MC Ren, Nate Dogg & Xzibit)
Bangin’ beat, but I’ve noticed I’m not into slow type of songs like this. I had a bad quality of this song for a few months already, and didn’t like it much. After getting the album I actually really liked it. Would sound great on a bangin car system, unfortunately I don’t have one. I really enjoy Ren’s verse, “hold my dick, nigga spit that verse / the hardest muthafucka, nigga love to curse.”

10. Gangstas
Someone in a similar review said this song was the filler, but I disagree. It reminds me of ‘At Night’from the DPG album but a little more light-hearted. I love the way Daz says “Booyaka, booyaka, you should have looked before you come out / Booyaka, booyaka, you should have looked before you run out” in a drunken, but funny voice. The beat is pretty cool. I also like how Daz says “You do not know me very well, but you will know me if you trip with me / you niggas cannot get with meee” like Joe in the ‘Stutter Remix’. At the end of this song, Kurupt has a little intro into the next song with a SICC ($1 to BLH) beat. I LOVE the beat and I don’t know why it wasn’t turned into a full song.

11. Bring Back That G Shit (ft Snoop Dogg & Goldie Loc)
At the beginning of the song, the beat sounds like it will be just a boring bass fest. But then when the song starts it transforms into something that bangs. I like this song, sounds best in a car in my opinion. Bangin song to roll to…

12. Lay It On Back (ft Fred Durst, DJ Lethal & Nate Dogg)
When I first heard this, I was in the car so I didn’t know it was “the Limp Bizkit” song I wasn’t looking forward to much. But then after the chorus Fred starts rapping and it hit me, “I can’t believe I liked the song”. DJ Lethal is a damn good producer, I never realized it. What really makes the beat is the scratching during the chorus and at the end, though…I really don’t know why, it’s not spectacular but it’s cool. Fred actually has an o.k. verse, too. I read some review somewhere that said it’s like his best verse and I’d agree…

13. Just Don’t Give A Fuck (ft DJ Lethal)
Once again DJ Lethal suprises me. If anybody else has some tight DJ Lethal beats, let me know cuz I’m liking him. The beat is confusing me though. It almost has constant buildup, and I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but I really like it. Pretty tight song… Kurupt puts it down on this one, “Penitentiary chances is a must / and in God we trust / so pop back / or get popped at / stop and drop that / I’m in front where the actions at / for you soft cats.”

14. At It Again
Damizza produced this one. He DID make it pretty tight, but I still don’t see why Quik couldn’t have done the same thing and made it tighter. It’s a fast, summer, party, barbecue type vibe. Reminds me of ‘Party At My House’ from the DPG, and like on that song Kurupt flows on it, “OK let’s say / you can do it your way / I’ma do it my way / project to boro / today to tomorrow / escapade to parade / expressway to highway / the freeway to tristate / 101 to 405 / turnpike to 95 / this is how I ride.”

15. Kuruption (ft Everlast)
Maybe it’s just me, but if I was named Kurupt, I would save a track named ‘Kuruption’ for the most unbelievable song I could possibly make. So anyways Everlast is ok. I’ve actually started to like his blues-hop style. Still this track seems out of place. Beat doesn’t have much to it, which is something Everlast likes apparently. I like his guitar playing, but the beat needs more than that. At the beginning he shouts out Soopafly, and I just wish Soopafly could have added a bit to it. In the credits it says Soopafly helped with the keyboards, but I don’t even hear any keyboards, unless it’s just some sound effect.

16. Fuck Da World (ft Daz Dillinger)
I’ve had this song for a few months and never knew what it was from until I got this album. It’s just some DPG shit. I think it’s a good ending song. Has a fiery chorus (“this is it, fuck tha world / I’ma be the first nigga to fuck tha world”), and some pissed off verses. Great song to roll to…actually it would be perfect before a football game or something, to get you pumped up.

Bonus Track – Bitches (ft Roscoe & Butch Cassidy)
I’m really glad this is the only “bitch bitch hoe” song on the album, I got enough of that from the DPG album which had four of them. The song is pretty funny, with Kurupt spittin “Whatever reason you may have on your mind / it must be coke or grass on your mind / kickin back like you lost all your mind / I’m gonna put my foot in your behind / until you have footprints on your behind” in a funny voice. But Roscoe steals the show, starting his verse with “Let’s get on the good foot and do the bad thing / the praying donkey, the chinese shag-swing / I’m a young Austin Powers / could toss for hours / If I’ma do you I’ma use the kama sutra when we shaggin / have you braggin, to all your homegirls / about this young thug who be rockin’ your world.” Roscoe has a unique rhyme pattern, I’ve noticed… don’t know if it comes across in text though…

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