REVIEW: Mobb Deep – Free Agents

Free Agents

Artist: Mobb Deep

Album: Free Agents

Label: Landspeed

Rating: 6 / 10

Reviewer: Killah

After dropping 4 classic albums (“The Infamous”, “Hell on Earth”, “Murda Muzik” Bootleg & Retail Version) Mobb Deep fell off the face of the Earth with the weak “Infamy”. It was mainly Prodigy’s obsession of dissing Jay-Z indirectly over the entire album which pretty much destroyed “Infamy”. As of the time of that release Sony decided to cut Loud from its roster. Is Mobb Deep’s career ending?

Mobb Deep has found a new home, albeit only for this one album. Courtesy of Land Speed Record Mobb releases the double Disc “Free Agents”. This double CD contains 41 tracks. Before your mouth starts to water, the second disk is just a collection of guest appearances that the duo did with other artists (Kool G Rap, Alchemist, 50 Cent, Tragedy, and Infamous Mobb to name a few.) It’s also sloppily put together. 1st Infantry did four tracks with Mobb Deep & Kool G Rap did two. So on the CD the 1st infantry tracks appear first then the 2 Kool G Raps tracks follow after. I guess you could put the second disk on random, but it just sounds stupid when you keep hearing the same guest artists 4 times in a row.

Now on to the meat of this album, after Ice T graces your ear with an unnecessary intro, Mobb Deep hits you with the banger ‘Solidified’. Prodigy starts with his verse :

“You niggas are always starting something and beefing with rappers
Why is your music so violent and so dramatic
Where’s the love? Why yall got so much static? Is it real for real or all for sales
I’m like shorty you must be sick
We been getting burn like those Waco Kids
I don’t need to dis rappers for recognition
You better check your files
Infamous, Hell On Earth, Murda Muzik
You can’t be serious”

Then the album painfully proceeds to boring tracks like ‘Paid In Full’, and ‘Double Shots’ ft Noyd that has generic production and just begs to be skipped, as the lyrics are just plain. ‘Favorite Rapper’ features a hard piano loop reminiscent of DJ Muggs-mid 90’s days with Mobb Deep reciting classic lines of thuggery from their “Murda Muzik” era.

‘Survival Of The Fittest 2003’ is the first of 6 tracks that Mobb Deep remake for this album, with it ‘Cradle to the Grave 2003’ being the weakest of the bunch. ‘Cradle to the Grave 2003’ has a redone beat, with Havoc adding a different drum line but Prodigy seems to have difficulty matching the tempo of the beat. ‘Tough Love’ which features the rehashed beat from ‘Trife Life’ comes off better as Prodigy delivers a descriptive story this time around while Havoc drops a forgettable 16 bar verse.

However, ‘Can’t Fuck With Us 2003’, this time without Raekwon features Prodigy spitting straight venom :

“Okay sit up straight in your seats
Pay attention now we teach niggas things about my lifestyle we live
Plus eat sleep and shit
Stash box in the crib we do this in depth
Throw a match book at your Wiz after we finish
With her gasoline bath made that bitch fried chicken.”

‘Shook Ones 3’ features the let’s-rap-all-the-females-names-in-one-verse routine. The twist on this is the first name Prodigy mentions :

“I rather beat my dick than go the R.Kelly Way
I take Kelis for 9 and a half weeks
From the back pouring Henny on her ass cheeks.”

I swear that’s a shot at Nas, but with Prodigy always indirect with his lines who really knows?

Tracks like ‘Narcotic’, ‘Clap First’, ‘Watch That Nigga’, ‘Came Up’, and ‘Tasha’ all suffer from horrible production. It seems to me that Mobb made this album a double disc to double sales when they go and try to find a new record deal. Mobb Deep is slipping if it’s any indication from their last 2 albums; I hope when then land a new home they can get on track.

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