REVIEW: MOP – Mash Out Posse

Mash Out Posse

Artist: MOP

Album: Mash Out Posse

Label: Family First

Rating: 1 / 10

Reviewer: A to the L

Absolute shite. And I’m sick of every other magazine falling over themselves to declare this as something dope, just because its MOP. Instead of fumbling round with rock bands, Fame and Danze should have concentrated more on hyping the “Marxmen Cinema” mixtape, AND on getting their official album out on Rocafella.

If I want my ears abused with hardcore rock music, then I’m not going to seek out Hiphop artists to do it. Lets get it straight – I’m not going to do that anyway, because rock music is something that makes my lugs bleed.

Fuck MOP for releasing this piece of trash. Lets face it, we don’t listen to MOP for lyrical mastery – we listen for the energy, the hype, the violence, the threat of Billy Danze and Lil Fame jumping out your speakers on any track, cocking the hammer and blowing your head off right there and then. Here, any evidence of that is drowned out by those grinding guitars. Absolute shite shite shite shite not even worth spending time reviewing, much less spending money on.

You want a review? Do it yourself – hit up Amazon or something, and listen to the 30 second clips there – that’s all the time you’ll need to decide that this is worth avoiding.


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